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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by AzBigDoc, Apr 24, 2011.

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    :dunce:I'm one of the new guys on the block and have a question or two. I would like to know what type of drive you guys recommend for someone in the 300lb range. Also please include your preferred vendors and why. I have been working on bikes my whole life but this will be my first MB and I don't know where to start ie. friction drive, chain drive, shift kit, rear mount, V frame mount etc. Any and all advice is welcomed. I really enjoy the site. Thanks guys, Doc

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    Welcome aboard, Doc.

    You can get your answers by reading these threads. Click on any headline that looks interesting. In no time you'll find yourself absorbed. You'll get your answers and you'll feel more confidence in them.

    Have fun.
  3. AzBigDoc

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    Thanks for the warm welcome. Not to sound like a***hole but the reason I submitted my previous post was introduce myself AND to get some input from riders of similar weight to my own. I did several searches on this and other forums but I guess there just aren't many 300+ riders.
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    We have a few big guys here.

    Welcome to MBc.
    I know of 2 xxxl riders.. Me and my brother! We will try to help.

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    Welcome to MBc!

    I was at 230 pounds last year (down to 165 or so now), my biggest first hand suggestion if you decide to go with an inframe 2 stroke is to just get a high count tooth sprocket, no less than 44T.
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    Thanks Goat,
    I'll keep that in mind before I start my build. Also congrats on the weight loss. I've struggled with my weight over the past 7-8 years after being diagnosed with Hypothyroidism (low metabolism) I use to be able to drop weight easily just by diet and exercise, now it's almost impossible.
    Thanks again - Doc
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    Doc, I'm the other xxxl rider Jim spoke of (his brother). What I'd like to do is split this conversation off and move it to the General Discussion area, where more folks would be likely to add their input. I'll start your thread there by moving your next to last post before this one. Having ridden a number of types, I may have some usable info for you.
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    Thanks KilroyCD