Help! Honda frame mount on Felt Heritage


Irish John

I really want to put a Honda into the Felt Heritage Cruiser because it has springer forks, twin V-brakes and 7 speed derailleur gears. The problem is the downtube doesn't bow out like on a Schwinn and I'd probably have to make up my own mounting tray to fit the narrow gap at the bottom. Making a mounting tray is not a very big deal - probably $150 bucks to have fabricated from a good drawing. The attached picture shows a Honda engine drawn at scale into a Felt and it really is tight. The hub flanges are Felt special ones and probably get in the way of the sprocket bolt holes so that would quie likely require another special sprocket and clamp job like on the Schwinn D7 I just built.
I like this bike cos it's cheaper than the Schwinn D7 and it is alloy not steel so it will go faster. I'm really worried about buying this bike cos it might not fit the motor. I can't see it in the flesh as there are none in Australia.
Does anyone know more about this bike? It's so nearly the perfect bike but for that downtube. Long wheelbase and everything. I think I'll have to let it go and stay with the big heavy Schwinns and that accursed coaster brake.


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