HELP! i need a smaller sproket to clear my chainstay...

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by RMWdave, May 31, 2009.

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    so tonight i go out for my second ride, half expecting it to not start due to my sort of amped break in. (an entire afternoon of riding burnt about a litre of gas @ 16:1 and after gassing up slowly worked it up to a non-wfo cruize for 5 to 10 minutes at a time with appropriate slowdown and re lubing)

    dont give me any flak for my method of breaking in i know the longer you take the stronger the motor but i need a commuter not a motorcycle. it just needs to get up to speed and go 10k either way.

    ANYWAY back to tonights trip, some of you may have noticed my feelings on the stock chain tentioner and my theroys went right tonight. not 10 feet into firing it up (on the first try easy as pie!) i hear braaaaaaaakakakakakkkakakaka

    i get off and saw exactly what i had expected, but only one bad spoke so i win hah, anyway im going to just shim the engine using the t shirt method and get a smaller sproket perhaps a 36t (remember, its a straight line flat ground commuter) then it should be enough to clear the chainstay if not only graze it a little.

    i need to know, a good place to order from, that will ship to canada in less than 3 weeks. **** id even pay a bit extra to have it feddyd...... its a tremendous bummer having the hardley dangerous down already. (true to its brethern, it broke. i jinxed it lol)

    please help me out a bit, and if you can post measurements of your smaller sprokets that would be a REAL big help. sorry if you notices alot of missing letters in my posts my laptops keyboard is needing a blow out i think...

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