Help! I need to have a detachable gas tank to bring bike indoors

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    Can someone offer some ideas with design, installations, and where to purchase a detachable gas tank. My system is a GEBE with a 32cc Tanaka.
    I live in NYC. I've had a GEBE setup for the last 4 years with no trouble from police or anybody. I live in an apartment condo building that has a bike room in the basement tenants can pay extra to park their bikes in. Ive had my bike there for the past 4 years with no problems. Recently I bought a new bike put on the old motor then the bike gets stolen (I had the good chain on the old bike). So I buy a new bike and new setup from GEBE. Im riding I put the past behind Im happy. I get back home to put my bike back in the "bike room" but someone is in my space. To make a long story short this "F"ing YUPPY who takes my space wants it cause its a prime spot where the bike does not need to be picked up and hung by the front wheel but kept flat on a kickstand. He contacts the building management so they can tell me no gasoline is allowed in the building. So OK fine I just wish someone said something in the past 4 years before I made this big investment and got addicted to buzzing on a bike.
    However I found a loophole to the building code in NYC. If there is no tank with gas attached to the engine, there's no reason it can't be in the building. So please help me save my bike. There is no way I could parked outside over night. If I can rig up a "gas bottle" that can be detach when the bikes inside, the gas bottle can be brought into my apartment and simply reconnect when I go for a ride I could be a happy man again. This is the only place where I know people will understand. Also you'll probably save this yuppies life. I'm really going to kill him if I can't ride. Thanks and be glad if you don't have to put up with this S#$%

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    Yeah, there should be a way to do it.....

    What you'll need is to construct some kind of rack or tray behind the engine, to lay the tank into.

    Jack has one on his stretch California cruiser, where he changed the type of tank that came with the used pocket rocket engine.

    Anyway, you need the rack to hold/secure the tank while riding.

    Then you just need two longer hoses, intake and return.

    What I might do is run the two hoses from the engine to shut off valves on the forward part of your new rack, then the shutoff and second set of hoses always stay with the detached tank.
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    Oh, and another solution is to build one of those wooden bike boxes that somebody posted here early on, stashed under the stairs, or disquised with paint and shelving to also hold plants....

    The plans came from Popular Mechanics I thought, used tamperproof carpentry joints and special screw types, better than a bike lock.
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    One more, one more !!

    You could use a turkey baster to siphon out your little bit of gas left in the tank, and hide the gas can in the bushes outside.
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    When I had my 66cc HT setup last year, I did not like the look of the gas tank on the bar so I invested in a $20 rear rack, a $4 zippered insulated lunch bag from Walmart, and a $6 poly gas tank off of Ebay and hid the tank inside the lunch bag which was zip tied to the rack and I cut holes in it to run the fuel lines to the engine.

    As bama said, you could easily add in a petcock or valve and pull in the basement, turn off the valve, and pull out the tank from the bag and run upstairs with it.

    Very easily done...
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    Is it possible to keep your Tanaka in it's standard form but make it MUCH easier to remove/replace the tank?...I'm assuming it's a simple cradle setup.
    Have some sorta simple(preferably metal) male/female connectors on the fuel lines.
    Post pics please.

    BTW....after this is all over DON'T forget;NO yuppy prisoners. :devilish:
  8. NiteSpy

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    One of these would be cool to bolt the tank to (1)

    Maybe this /\ piece could connect to this piece \/ (2)

    Probably grab two so you could screw to second one into this \/ (3)

    In the end you could have this madness.

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

    You'd still need a ball bearing valve on the tank for a definite on/off flow.
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  9. Mountainman

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    bolts or screws that now hold your tank in place
    can be replaced with long studs with wing nuts for easy -- fast off
    ride that THING
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    HT fuel line it would stretch from 1/4" on the connectors,but elsewhere stay at 3/16".
    There's also proper "stepped-down" hose connectors that go from 1/4" to 3/16";but i really don't think it's necessary........your choice.
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    just dress your tank up as a tool box or make a cover for the whole thing with a milk crate. what people cant see cant hurt them.
  14. put a drain on the bottom of your tank and drain it into a gas can,bring can into your apartment,fill tank before riding,this is easier and more simple than taking a tank on and off the bike.
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  16. Mountainman

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    a friend of mine who wants to buy a MB has this same problem
    his landlord has told him -- NO GAS IN THE APARTMENT !!!
    I never thought of the (((drain plug idea)))
    man -- how easy can it be ??
    thanks guys...
    from MM
  17. 5-7HEAVEN

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    MM, I've noticed that many MB problems have simple solutions.

    No gas in apartment? Drain gas.

    Gas leaking from cap? Plug cap, vent from a different port.

    Now to cure those pesky flat tires!:confused:
  18. carry patches with you and a small airpump.
  19. Mountainman

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    fine mountain air brings on these thoughts !!

    yes so true
    some men are not happy with their home life
    because at times they forget to remember

    having a Happy Queen
    makes for a Happy King -- if you know what I mean...

    and motor bike riders agree -- don't fix it if it ain't broken -- treat that sweet thing right

    from up top the mountain -- much good time for thinking up here -- fine air !!
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    My eyes are bad, I'd never find the hole!:tt1:

    :idea:Thanks for the advice though. I'll carry new tube and pump.