HELP I Trying to start my two stroke for the fist time

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by MarcMotorHead, May 9, 2008.

  1. MarcMotorHead

    MarcMotorHead New Member

    I tried to stat up tonight the motor does not want to turn over I think may have flooded the engine any suggestions?

    It sounds like it is stating to run but it does not seem to keep running.

  2. azbill

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  3. Check your clutch adjustment.
  4. fastboy9

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  5. BSA

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    Very very true. When I first tried to start mine it sparked but the CDI was wired in the wrong way which causes it to spark at the wrong time, thus preventing the engine from running.

  6. MarcMotorHead

    MarcMotorHead New Member


    It lives and now breathes; those cheap Chinese connectors were loose so I soldered them together, now it runs.

    Thanks to all.

    Now I just have to get the idle correct it sound a little rough to me.

    But over all I am happy!
  7. Sockmonkey

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    Don't worry about the idle as much as running at "operating" RPM. the carbs don't seem to have a smooth transition from idle to full out, so be sure to not tune it (needle setting) so it runs lean at full throttle.

    Just my 2 cents
  8. fastboy9

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    Yeah, plus while its still brand new you probably wont see that idle screw doing much difference, put a few miles into it and then it should be much more responsive.
  9. davidsis

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    Bike running

    Ya, in while it is brand new make sure you got oil mixed with your gas, if it is rough for awhile no worries it will change aftrer break in.
  10. Sockmonkey

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    I'm not sure about the idle screw not doing anything. Mine adjusts from "dead engine" to "sounds like shes about to blow" screaming. The idle screw is just an adjustable idle stop, not an idle mix adjuster.

    The one that actually changes the mix is the needle that is inside the carb, but attached to the throttle cable. This one can do some damage if adjusted too lean. The first time I messed with this carb setup was in my 60 Volvo. It had twin solex monsters that not only had to be tuned, but also had to be matched to each other...

    Have fun
  11. davidsis

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    Idle is going to be that little screw with the spring on it on the carb, turn it in more idle counter clockwise less idle. Also, you can adjust that cable on the top till its snug.
  12. graucho

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    Lots of good suggestions. If you dont have any vacume leaks, (carb to manifold/manifold to head) it will take a good 25 miles for the idle to stabilize. Ive started all my new builds by turning the idle screw all the way in till barely snug, then back out 4 full turns. Then "tweek" from there. Also make sure the cable adjustment on the top of carb (cap) Is snug but not too tight, or the ilde will be a little high and make the idle screw unadjustable/responsive. :cool: