Brakes Help identify my new (old) bike and the brakes it should have

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    i pciked this up the other day and im trying to source some better brakes for it. it currently has what looks to be some sort of universal bmx style caliper on the front which does a pretty poor job of stopping and the rear has nothing, just a hold in the centre for attachment

    can you help me identify the frame so i can start looking for compatible brakes for this thing.

    also, the forks are the springer type so i was wondering what you guys found worked best on these forks? the front wheel hub has a disc brake but id have to weld a bracket on to fit a caliper. rather than mangle the forks, i think id prefer just having front and rear calipers with better cables/pads to maximise their effect.

    any suggestions please!!!


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    Try a Sturmey Archer X-FD drum brake