Help!!! Iv'e pulled the wire out of my magneto box By accident!!

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by ben1234567, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. ben1234567

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    I accidently pulled the wire out of my Magneto box. I tried sticked it back in for about an hour I gotten within millimeters but the wire always seemed to bend once I got close. so finally I just dug some plastic out and found a screw. do i hook my wire to this? I need Somebody that knows a lot about magnetos to give me some info. I'm a first time build with little to no machanical experiance so go easy on me I know I did a stupid thing.

    PLEASE HELP!!!!,

  2. Hawaii_Ed

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    LOL, should be a piece of cake. The screw sticks out to thread the wire on. Just push the wire up firmly, and screw it in (right-y tight-y!)
  3. Pablo

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    You mean the CDI? (Black molded object with wires)

    If so, Ed has you covered. Just put a little nonconductive lube (silcone if you have it) on the outside of plug wire end (not necessary but helps seal and insert) - then push the wire end in the clean hole and turn clockwise to thread the center conductor on the screw. Voila!
  4. Hawaii_Ed

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    Pablo is high tech. I Just spit on it :D
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    I do that too, .. oh wait were talking about motorbikes.. never mind.