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Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by bnew24, May 10, 2011.

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    I bought a 66cc Skyhawk motor kit from a few months ago. The engine turned out to be a lemon and Nick in the technical support department gave me an RMA# and told me to send the engine back. I did so at my own cost a month ago. He also told me last week that he would send me out a new engine. As of today I have spoken with him 4 times and he is not holding up his end of the deal. My credit card has been charged and I still have no motor for my bike AND they have my motor. Every time I call and speak with him he plays dumb for a few minutes and then hangs up on me. Now they are screening my calls and will not speak with me. Has anyone dealt with these guys and can offer some assistance? I sure would appreciate it.


  2. Al.Fisherman

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    I haven't but I'd call my Credit Card holder and explain your situation to them. Hopefully you have not only the RA# but a receipt for your shipping. They don't take it lightly and if enough complain they might pull their card from them. Most likely they will give you instant credit and do a investigation.
    I'm not a believer in BBB (business pay to get listed with them) but look the local and call, FAX or E-mail them with your complaint.

    Speaking from voice of experience...
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    Sorry to hear about your experience with King's motorbikes. I think unless you paid through Paypal or Google checkout that you may be out of luck. You stated that you paid for the item several months ago so going through your credit card provider may be difficult since payment cleared over 30 days ago. As stated above, always return items with delivery confirmation that way you have some proof that item was returned otherwise it will be only your word against theirs. Paying through Paypal has saved me from losing a lot of money when I did not receive the item through online ordering. They have reimbursed me over $1500 from various vendors already. Good luck to you. As a last ditch effort, you can try to file a complaint with the California Office of the Attorney General online complaint form
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    HI Brian
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    I am going to move this thread to the General Discussion Forum.
    Please start a new thread here in the Introduction Forum and tell us a little bit about yourself. We already know what problem you are having but this is not the correct forum to get help. I will move this thread to the correct forum.
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    I went back 9 months.... If you have a statement start there, if not download one online.
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    Then they havnt charged your card yet? Went back 9 months and no charge.
  7. darwin

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    You know before kings gets a bad rap here we need to know the warranty and what was wrong plus your part in the installation of the motor and its treatment by you.
  8. dougsr.874

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    Kings motors

    These people are crooks...they do not honor their warranties, and mostly wont answer their phone and NEVER an email.
  9. Wheres my dog

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    Warranty aside, the man told him to ship the motor back at his cost and he would send him another one.

    I had this same situation with a company from Indy when I bought a rebuilt 302ci engine... games, lies, hang ups, stupid answers, playing dumb, etc.

    I filed a complaint with my credit card company and in a short time was given back 100% of the money I spent!

    Don't be played by these guys... put the credit card company on your side and get back YOUR money from these losers.
  10. Wheres my dog

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    And that would be two people complaining of the same exact problem with this company!!!

    I see a trend here with this loser of a company!
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    call from a different phone and use a fake name and tell them you are from the better business bureau and you have had several complaints about they re shabby business practices and want an explanation i dont know if that would help or anything but worth a shot
  12. Stan4d

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    They have received ratings of 3 for poor....1 above average and one excellent.

    You can read the posts but you will not be able to post untill you have 30 posts and have been a member for 30 days, but please remember and put your input there.
  13. Wheres my dog

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    Word for word quotes from the review forum for this loser company...

    "I called king's expecting at least some cooperativeness because they gave me a three month warranty which i am still in, but i was rudely turned down.

    they told me that they would only send ANYTHING to me if i had called with a problem within a couple weeks of receiving it..... when i asked about the three month warranty they avoided the topic"


    "I contacted Kings and requested the replacement parts to repair the engine, rather than a replacement motor. Sent the parts list as requested, was told they had been shipped, and waited for the parts. They did not arrive and Kings stopped responding to my emails shortly after. Extraordinarily poor customer service"


    "They offered $20 store credit which after a month I decided to try and use but they are not honoring the credit. They made me take pictures of what they sent before even offering that. IMO they were just putting me off till the 30 day Visa dispute time was past. I posted this on the other site and several people have the same experience. They just don't give a carp about their customers. Kings and Gasbike are one and the same company. There is even a post that they threatened violence if the customer came to their warehouse. I would not buy from these guys again. I sent several emails that I was posting this and they never replied"


    5 rankings with 3 of them being "POOR" make this a 60% failure rate in my eyes!

    I have no respect for a company, or for a man who runs a company like this.

    Obviously the company is built on lies, deceit, and empty promises... anyone should steer clear of a piece of trash company like this and not buy anything from them.

    Any viable time I can offer advice about this piece of trash company... you can guarantee it will be negative and demeaning!

  14. Lazieboy

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    I also delt with them. when i ordered my motor kit in 2009 i had no issues, but have had issues with backordered parts taking over a month to get this year. They NEVER return an E-mail, the online chat they dont reply. Customer service sux.. I think they are also ? Dont know if i'll go threw them again or not. What is a good place to order from. ?
  15. Lazieboy

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    Why is it hard to find black 66cc grubee motors. kings discontinued them.
  16. wbuttry

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    get a can of automotive hi temp spray paint and paint the motor black problem solved and dont go through those crooks i would rather see you go through boy go fast than these crooks least rick does care for his company he's sent me free stuff all the time and i've bought 3 motor kits off of him and a couple hundred dollars worth of parts.....
  17. Lazieboy

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    Free Swag

    Free swag is cool. Ya I thought about painting one,but worried of how the heat louvers on head would turn out. I tried some basic can paint from wallmart on muffler and it smoked and smelt toxic. Ha Ha
  18. DuctTapedGoat

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    Black motors smell like absolute **** when they first fire up. They also get hotter, as the paint will reduce the rate of heat dissipation.
  19. juan viera

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    brian i have the same problem with this a holes .they sold me a lemon a gt 80 racing engine does not go over 10 miles an hour,i spend a lot of money still won run, what can we do my frind
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  20. Milkedglass

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    Same issue. The worst company! Avoid at all costs!

    Never answer phone, never got credit, never even got the whole shipment.

    They seem incredibly dishonest and are basically scammers!!