Help! Lost 'Cam Pin" Need dimensions... Grube SkyHawk.

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    Howdy Y'all...

    Ive greatly enjoyed my first week commuting on my MB. However, today I ran into a problem. A few blocks from my house the drive chain broke. I removed the drive gear cover to untangle the chain. Upon realizing the chain was too far damaged to repair on the road, I stuck the cover, bolts and chain in my bag and pedaled off. Not untill I made it the half mile home and parked the bike did I realize I didnt take the Cam pin out. Its gone.... rode back and forth on my regular bike to try and find it.... No luck.

    So, it seems like a fairly simple piece. Ive got access to some solid round stock of differing sizes and Id really like to ride this weekend! Can anyone be so kind to measure their cam pin and post the specs? Very much appreciated!

    The part is number 25 in the diagram.


  2. clutch rod = L 26.20mm/ dia 7.92mm
    clutch ball bearing = dia 7.92mm

    each kit may be slighty diffrent.
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    Thank you sir! Time to break out the dremel tool and go to work!
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    a drill bit the proper size would be hard enough for the job I am thinking :)
    I have seen the pins get wore from use, so they are the usual cheap metal
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    Oh! Good idea Bill. Im actually using the non-threaded section of an 8.8 grade bolt.