Help me build my motorized bike

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  1. aForcefulThrust

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    Ok so i'm building my first motorized bike for my wife.

    I will be using a trek navigator frame

    So far i have ordered:
    Honda GX35 engine
    78mm clutch drum from ebay like this one
    GEBE 36 spoke drive ring, belt, and #12T drive pinion.

    I'm thinking i'll move the sprocket from the clutch drum and use a bolt with some washers or something to mount the 12T drive pinion to the clutch drum.

    I know i still need a throttle cable, a belt tensioner, and a way to mount the engine above the rear tire. Would the bike rack over the back tire be strong enough?

    What else will I need?


  2. dougsr.874

    dougsr.874 Active Member

    Why did you not just buy a kit with all the parts in it???????????????????????
  3. aForcefulThrust

    aForcefulThrust New Member

    I'm a DIY'er and I believe in making the most of my money as the money I earn in a lifetime will be limited. If i can save 50 bucks doing something myself I will. I even got the bike for 150 off craigslist :) The price of the GEBE parts really killed me, as that cost about as much as the bike itself.
    Seems pretty simple to mount an engine and have it drive rear wheel. I also have a CNC machine I could possibly use to make mounting brackets but I've never cut metals with it before.

    Just thought maybe I was missing something you more experienced people would see.
  4. Timbone

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    You'll need a petcock, some fuel line, a fuel tank, a throttle body and throttle cable, and more. Plus, your rear motor platform needs to be rock solid. Maybe you saved $50, maybe you didn't. I appreciate your DIY attitude and it will take you far, but these motorbikes take money, too!