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    Hello Motorbikes community! I recently swapped the insides of a running motor & head assembly with stripped/damaged mounting holes onto a lower 2pc lower good case with good mounting holes, basically swapped the lower 2pc cases, and installed all new gaskets.Now the motor won't start, magnito reads with in spec.- spark plug has spark, after many attempts I checked the plug-dry,removed the top of the head & its completely dry inside, doesnt seem to be drawing/sucking fuel into the motor, with air filter off & attempting to start it spits a little fuel out the filter side.And I've tried two different carbs also.Any ideas Motorbike community, what did I doo wrong?Best Regards.

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    I've seen cases that have the transfer ports at the sides of the barrel in diff locations - that should be checked. Other than that, I'd say to recheck the gasket between the cases to see if that part near the output shaft that never fits quite right got misaligned.
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    That $10.00 carb is not perfectly plumb is the only answer I can think of ....
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    Nice bike! Gas, shift kit and electric. You've got it all covered.

    One thought is that some parts are from a PK-80 engine & some from a GT5. Depending on what part is from what engine, you'd get 2 scenarios.

    1) The piston would hit the head and engine wouldn't turn over.

    2) The timing would be so out of whack, and the piston would be TPC so far away from the head that there wouldn't be enough compression to fire.

    Check the 2 pistons. If the wrist pin holes are in the same place I am wrong.