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  1. p4cm4n

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    Hi guys,

    so i started the MB adventure years ago, went away for a bit and came back last summer.

    bought a SBP shift kit for my old Skyhawk kit from 2011. it worked great, but the engine just had problems and wouldn't really give me all i needed.

    i took it apart after things being broken and decided it was just time to perfect my build - and i started looking into a new engine kit.

    financial troubles put off buying a kit until this week - and my fiancé got me a fathers day/birthday present of $170 to buy the new grubee Skyhawk kit from

    i went on today to buy it.

    they're sold out, and wont be in stock for 8-10 weeks.

    that's the end of summer.

    i'm really, really, really trying to find a kit ASAP.

    my bike is completely taken apart and ready to have a brand new grubee on it. over winter and up until today, I've sandblasted the frame, fork, wheels, primed it and painted everything lined up for my accessories and a design for turn signals, all of which will be ordered this weekend.

    i need a grubee Skyhawk. if you know of a place that will ship to me, that's REPUTABLE, and i can trust it. i will order it this weekend.


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  2. crassius

    crassius Well-Known Member

    try an A80 or PK80 instead - lot of improvement since skyhawk days
  3. Tony72373

    Tony72373 New Member

    Motorized Bikes Canada has Skyhawks. Great to deal with.
  4. p4cm4n

    p4cm4n New Member

    I already tried, they won’t ship to us it doesn’t seem.
    Thanks though
  5. p4cm4n

    p4cm4n New Member

    I’m not familiar with the pk80 style, but if I were to jump to this, would all my spare parts be usable besides crank/piston assembly? I’m talking head, body, magneto etc
  6. Street Ryderz

    Street Ryderz Well-Known Member

    Yea pretty much!I'm an installer for Motorized Bicycle Canada and the problem there is Don Grube set it up that the Canadain grubee distributor cant sell them in the U.S as to not dip into their market!
  7. crassius

    crassius Well-Known Member

    motor mounts are heavier, mag is same, head fits, carb is same (can't recall if woodruff keys are thick or thin on skyhawk, but clutch and drive sprocket are same

    intake is 40mm tho, and stroke is also 40mm
  8. lee

    lee New Member

    Have you tried contacting Don Grubee directly? He used to have a warehouse in OKL
  9. p4cm4n

    p4cm4n New Member

    I didn’t contact grubee directly. However, when contacting bicycle engines directly via phone, they mentioned this new zeda 80 kit. Anyone know anything about them? I’m wondering if it’s worth it to just get that.
  10. Street Ryderz

    Street Ryderz Well-Known Member

    The Zeda engines are good and have alot of die hard fans of late!