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  1. I've started amassing the parts to build yet another MB. Once you get the itch, nothing else seems to matter as much. It's not as if I really need another MB, the one I've got now works fine and it has been all debugged. Maybe that's the problem, no more challenges, just get on and ride. Yawn.

    So far I've bought a cheap Chinese made mountain bike with all the features I want; light weight aluminum frame, 2 disc brakes, and full suspension.

    To bring it up to a roadworthy MB standard I will;

    1. Replace both wheels. The front with a good quality wheel from my local bike shop and the stout high quality rear wheel I ordered today from GEBE when I ordered the engine less drive kit. The wheels include quality axles, hubs, spokes, bearings, and double wall alloy rims. That takes a lot of the worry out of riding at speed.

    2. Disassemble all bearings on the bike, clean, and repack with high quality grease. The bearings I've seen on cheap bikes are dirty, have metal filings in them, are adjusted too tight or too loose, and are poorly packed with very poor grease. They will wear badly and could fail unless these deficiencies are corrected. I don't even want to think about a steering head bearing failure as I am riding in traffic.

    3. I will retain the standard reflectors and add some white reflective strips around each front fork and red reflective strips around something vertical in the back. Battery powered head and tail lights will also be added. Being seen at night is key to staying alive to see another morning.

    4. I will replace the seat with a fat cushy *** pillow. A comfortable me is a safer rider. The handle bar will get replaced with a higher rise and more pull back one for comfort and control. A mirror on the end of the left bar is an important safety feature to me.

    5. A good tire on the front and a top of the line tire in the back, both with street tread 'cause that's where I ride.

    6. When I begin reassembling the bike I will replace important fasteners with good SS nuts and bolts, many with lock washers, locktite, or nylon inserts to prevent things working loose with the vibrations a MB generates at speed.

    7. I will use a keyed kill switch mounted in plain sight. This ploy has kept the neighborhood kids from stealing my bikes, so far. :eek:

    I expect I will have pretty near $800.00 in this bike when I put it on the road. Maybe a grand if I buy a new engine and leave the old one on my present MB, a Staton friction drive-Robin 35 on a Schwinn Jag. That is about what a high quality bike with the features I want would cost before ordering a drive kit and engine. I should sell the MB I have now to help pay for the new one, or I could just keep it 'till I debug the new one. Want to buy a MB?

    Are there things you do when you convert a bicycle to a MB? I would like to hear about anything you do, or ideas you have that I may have skipped. I'm sure there are many things I'm missing.
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    Addiction to MB building and riding

    I can relate to the addiction you speak of!

    As far as building up your old MB, or buying a new one, it's all about the $$$.

    Reflectors are a GREAT idea. It keeps the cops off you a bit, and it helps cars see you. I got some reflective sign-tape from a city worker, and made flags out of it, and I'm completely pleased.

    Just like you, I also change to higher quality wheels if necessary. On my MB I have a 24" Plastic BMX rear wheel to handle the stress of my weight and the bumpy roads. Works much better than any metal spoke-type wheel I have used. I also use the No-More-Flats solid poly inner tubes for both tires, so I never need air and never have a flat. Removing a worn out tire is ROUGH, but it's worth it knowing you never get a flat.

    The addiction is also a necessity if you don't have a working car, hehe. I just replaced my engine this week after wearing out my old one after 14 months of hard riding. However, even with the new engine, I find it hard to stay hard out of the throttle, as going fast is very addicting!

    I don't know about you folks, but I find keeping lubricant with you is a good thing for a Motorized Bicycle.
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    I think i know...

    I think i know this addiction you speak of.. Ive had my bike running good for only a few days now with no problem and really all i want to do is ride it thats all i can think about. i think that would classify as an addiction. we have already planned a 130 mile ride a month from now from eugene to bend oregon
  4. This is one addiction that keeps me busy. I love riding the bike, but planning the next one is almost as much fun. Each one I've built has been better than the last, and the first one is pretty darn good. I'm shooting for perfection this time even though I'm aware that there is no such-a-thing as perfection.

    I've got it dissasembled down to the frame, sanded it down and primed it yesterday, then got the first coat of canary yellow paint on the frame today. The suspension forks are black and I will likely leave them black. All the paint will get a good coat or two of clear coat. I am scheduled to recieve the GEBE drive kit and 105 spoked wheels Monday. I may have this thing together and running before the snow flies! Woo Hoo!!
  5. I just didn't like the way the yellow paint looked. Yesterday I striped off the frame and repainted it a green the paint maker calls "jade". I like it much better than the yellow. Acording to UPS my GEBE kit will be delivered today.