Help Me Mod My $ or trade for PC stuff?

i've seen something commercially available, and i know someone here will reply with info...

after finally seeing what i actually look like on the bike, i don't see any way to be satisfied as finished.


i need to stretch the back of the bike out at least a foot.

i sure could make use of a bolt-on-able rear-stay/dropout extension.

(actual re-touched photo, hehe)

bucks are an issue, but if there's a chance of a trade, i have a really nice P4-2.6GHz / Asus P4G8X / 64M GeForce combo that needs a good home. that's cpu, board, & video only.
to bad your way up north-west of me 12 pack of pop and i'd build it for ya :(
well, let's say i stripped the frame, took good pictures, & gave you accurate measurements...could it be done remotely?

i'd surely be able to come across with more than a 12pk :)

oh, 'kronic...the "magic seat" is soooo smooth, i don't know why i ever bothered with a sissybar :p :p
you know why dont you look into shipping her out to me and we can make just about anything my shipping zip is 92225...or better yet let me do some digging and see if I can find you a frame and strech it here and ship it to you that way you only pay shipping 1way just tell me what type of bottom drop out or size of your crank and the size of neck tube so your forks and crank will fit when you get it
P.S. the only thing I have right now is a Coloi aluminum mtb frame with a suntour frount shock and shamono derailerbut I dont have access to a tig welder as of yet......
you know I was looking around in my pics of bikes and found this but If i'm getting you right you want something like this


this is along the right lines?
yes, but a bit simpler still...i'm doing my best to come up with a decent diagram, stay tuned.

excuuuuuse me for not giving the right arizona-smartypants credit for being soooo funny... :LOL:
meantime, you may all amuse yourselves with this:

early on, i almost cut a deal for a frame that uses my existing hardware, to save cost. an illness put the kabosh on that (btw-i'm hoping things are going well, get in touch) but i'd still love to build a classic cruiser frame...size: augie. here's what we were working on at the time.


some concepts, keeping the mounts in a conventional position for reliability
please note: the seat is properly attached to avoid "confusion"

ok, here's a commercially available version of what i'm looking to do, without the trailer doo-dads...but this is $275 shipped: