HELP me remove last pedal crank. I need your opinion on this.


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Nov 16, 2015
Well, I got three of the four pedal cranks off and the Cyclone is completely off the other bike. Other than some rust, it looks fine to put on new bike. But, the new bike has the drive side pedal crank still on it and I am not sure how to remove it. The other three I either used the crank puller (one), cut the entire pedal crank (soft aluminum), or cut and hammered it out. But, with this pedal, because engine is already on it, I cannot put it on its side and really hammer the crap out of it.

Here are pictures of what I tried so far. I hammered, pried (large screwdriver), random s**t, and tried to cut into the soft aluminum. The problem with a full cut is that the sprocket is in the way. I don't think I can cut deeper other than just parrellel cuts which I don't think will help ease the friction fit of the tapered axle and crank. Maybe, it would. I have primitive tools (no dremel, etc). These cuts were done with a small metal saw.

Take a look at second picture if I cut those yellow lines will that ease the friction pressure? I dont think so but I am not sure. Ideally, I would cut perpendicular and then wedge a screwdriver in there and the crank should just pop out. But, that sprocket is in the way of doing that. I can try to make the parralel cuts at an angle as much as possible but it wont be much of an angle due to sprocket.

What you guys think I should do?


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In the second pic w/the nut backed out on the shaft smack it real hard with a small sledge. Something will pop out.
I think a gear puller would be the ideal tool.
Without one of those, I think I would have to construct a Π shape from wood to fit through the frame, and hit that with the hammer to push evenly on the chainring.
Thanks for the post guys. I think what I am going to do is take the time to cut all the way around the pedal/axle and as close as possible but I think it will take off maybe 1/2 or more of the tapered press fit. And, at that point, I think the rest should just easily come off with hammering. I tried smacking that nut with a hammer (yeah, I know this tech for tapered fits) and notta. Something is going on. And, I tried just hammering the crap out of it (rotate around 3-5 hits) and notta. Didnt do gear puller yet but I think cutting would be quickest and if not Ill make a gear puller. Thx