HELP! Measurements for Grubee ghx50 kit?



I have a 26" Micargi cougar gts and I would like to know if the grubee gearbox/ghx50 kit will fit in my frame? I only have 14" from top of BB to bottom of down tube. Seem too small to me but I see lots of other cruiser bikes w/this kit? Could some one who has one please measure it for me? How long is the motor mount (span across tubes) and distance to top of motor from the mount? I looked at specs for gxh50 at small engine warehouse and they say 13.9" high
(I think this includes the plastic tank, the one with tank is the same 13.9") I would like to know for sure B4 I spend $400 on a kit. I have decided after much reading of this forum to wait for bicycle engines to get their july shipment.
Thanks In Advance For Your Help!!

You Guys Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. Looked every where for a thread on this but only found HT's
Heres a couple of members bikes here that have that same kit in them
in a Schwinn jaguar cruiser

Does that help?


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