HELP mounting new engine!!

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    Well I'm on my second build, and purchased a motor from a vendor on here. Received the motor well packed and in good shape, but when to mount it on the frame and the lower part of the motor that mounts to the frame mount is waaay to small. I have several frames and even tried it on my smallest pos frame from target that looks like it could snap in two and its still too small. The engine looks exactly the same as the one on my last build, but the bottom of the engine (the round part that mounts to the frame) is smaller. any suggestions?? I don't think I've ever seen a frame that is narrow enough to fit this one.. oiy.. its a 80cc(62-66CC 2stroke).

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    Which tube of the two is too small in diameter or is it both. This problem can be remedied either way.

    Seat tube on the right or the left tube going up to the handlebars?

    If need be both factory mounts can be discarded and custom fit mounts made.
    Here is a custom front mount I made so the engine could be mounted correctly on the cruiser frame...
    Here is a front mount I made due to the broken mount itself. A rear mount can be made along these lines. The angle iron or whatever can be bolted to the original rear mount mounting holes, like the front mount I made for the cruiser.

    If I had a good wire wielder and not a ole stick wielder (too easy to burn through these thin tubes) I would of wielded the angle iron to the frame tube, doing away with the extra flat bar and clamp. Ummm time to go get a small wire wielder for projects such as these. But then again, I wouldn't be able to shim the engine (at rear mount) to tighten the chain, to do away with the OEM chain tensioner.
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    thanks for your reply! I actually figured it out today. Went to Home Depot and bought some u-bolts and a steel plate, which turns out to be what you're suppose to do anyway. Have learned on this build that many things have to be adjusted or customized, which is part of the fun I suppose.
    Thanks again.
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    Custom fab

    The challenge is part of the fun. Thats what makes it fun. I drilled threw the frame, but wont next time. you done good.

    Plan for the worst, hope for the best
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    Front engine mount

    I am starting my second build and am putting a Grubee GT5 on a Schwinn Windwood cruiser. The down tube is 1.71" thick. I don't have the engine yet so I don't know what the front engine mount looks like but I am assuming it is a little over 1". Has anyone made a front mount that works well, other than drilling the frame? Thanks
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    See if what you are looking for is here. ALL works equally well, I haven't had a problem with any of them. All my 5 builds had to have a modified front mount, or a ready madr mount for a chopper. Mounting/

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    Ron - Did you make your mounts or purchase them? Dale
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    My front down tube is 1.71" - That is close to 1 3/4". I have a machine/bike shop behind the house and am now designing my own set up. But thanks. Dale
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    One is sold by Sick Bike Parts, I made the rest. This is the one sold by SBP
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    I just ordered a large mount from Sick Bikes and will alter it if needed. Their description is misleading as they state it goes to 1 5/8" and then say it is for down tubes up to 2". A big difference here, but I ordered one anyway. I will make my own from now on. Thanks guys, now just waiting for the motor to get here. Dale
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    When installing a engine, I never know where it will sit for best fit, so every build, I've made my own. Have never had a broken engine mount, let alone a stripped thread. Just make sure that the muffler clamp is not binding the engine from the tube. Some engines I want to sit high (chain guard clearance) I have to fabricate the front mount.
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