Brakes HELP, (need coaster brake innards)

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    Hey all, just got my bike painted and finished. I took a huffy good vibrations deep red cruiser and painted a grupee kit red to match. Looks super cool but unfortunately the wheel jammed after about 20 miles!

    So I took the rear hub apart and exploaded bearings appeared. Need less to say its done for. So heres my question.

    The bike has a fairly standard wheel. Can I just take an old junk bike and use that wheel?

    Also, I'm adding a caliper brake to the front should I use one for the back as well and forgo the coaster brake? If so where can I find a wheel like that that would match a coaster bike type frame. Thanks

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    Rim Job

    sure just get same size rim or recycle some bearings from from another rim that has same size bearings. My first build was a coster brake i strugled with clearance for coaster arm and bending (I broke one). My current ride is a 6 speed w/ hand brakes i like it better.
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    Plenty of salvage bike rear wheels would work.
    Most all of the cheap bikes I have seen with coaster brakes were about as dry as a bone inside. No grease ! If you replace that wheel consider that it may be pretty dry/worn as well. Here is a bike repair section for working on coaster brakes. If you can find & fit a front brake , it would be great as well.
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    You can have this one - just pay the shipping. It's a shimano 28 hole coaster hub...

    Shoot me a PM if you're interested.

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