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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Jason74, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. Jason74

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    Within the next couple of days, I hope to purchase a Happy Time kit. I am hoping to buy a 49cc 2 stroke for around $120 or less. My question is this: In this price range, are most of the Happy Time kits basically the same, or will they vary significantly from one vendor to the other?

    I'm not talking about the hardware that goes with the kit, but the basic engine quality itself.

    Are all these low $ engine produced in the same factory, or are there several factories who are producing this things.

    Any help you can give to steer me in the right direction will be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks a bunch,

  2. linnix13

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    hey there, well i went and bought an engine from i got the 80cc jet and it ran mint for 3000km, then the little idler gear broke and i ordered one from there site, they accidentally shipped the wrong thing and i phoned them and they sent me the right one rush, but when it got here it wasn't just the gear, it was 2 gears and like 30 bucks of other goodies i got for free! they respond to emails in a day and are very friendly, i put the gear on and i turned over 3300km today without an issue. but i think its all in the break in, i broke mine in on 12:1 for the first tank(oily slow Smokey mess!!!) and i rode around from 5kph to 25kph for about 3 hours a day, i then switched to 14:1 at 100km on the engine, i rode a bit faster for longer times, after 200kms i switched to 16:1 and ran it normally until i hit 500kms on the engine, i then switched to 20:1 which is what i run today and i get no smoke from the exhaust at all, i run it alot, i rode for a good 2 hours today at 40kph in the 27c heat non stop!! no problems yet, i cant guarantee you my success but im just telling you how things went for me, oh and i use standard fuel(not high octain) and the cheapest motomaster oil from Canadian tire, i wish you luck and i hope you have the same success as me! good luck, oh and as a side note make sure u replace every bolt,nut and threaded rod on that engine and use lock washers and loctite in your assembly, and check it before and after each ride, especially during the break in, the chain will stretch alot!
  3. Mountainman

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    they all seem to be pretty much the same
    although many parts are not interchangeable -- others are ???
    made in a few or more different factories
    molds used sure are similar

    many ((good)) vendors right here on site offering the HTs at fair price

  4. there like a grabbag,you never know what youll get.
  5. Jason74

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    Thanks for the input!

    Today I ordered the 49cc slant head kit from Powerking (best offer price of $110).

    From all that I have read on this forum, I must say that that is the impression I have received. Hopefully I will receive a really good bag!

    Thanks again,