help needed for information on motored tricycle

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    Hello all, I am new to this website and the motor bike world in general. I currently live in Greece and my father is burning to get an electronic or motorized and pedal tricycle so that he can use it at the beach. Any suggestions to websites or dealers would be greatly appreciated!



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    Friction Drive Tricycle


    This Is A Friction Drive I Installed On A "3 Pedal Speed" Tricycle. It Works Very Well. A Turn Or So Of The Pedals At Start Helps, Usually Not Necessary.

    It Has A 49cc Pocket Bike 2 Stroke Engine With Electric Start/generator Combo, But Never Used The Starter.

    Several Engines With The 76/78mm Clutch Bolt On, Easy To Switch Engine. The Cag Engines, Hs Titan 50cc 4 Stroke, The Robin Subaru 35cc 4 Stroke. Many Engines With Electric Start And Generator For Around $130. And Less. Plus The Mounting System.

    This System Will Go Over 30 Mph, Pump Your Brakes. Install A 5 Gallon Fuel Tank And You Can Cross A Continent Non Stop! Pack And Lunch And Water.

    Have Fun. Ron

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