Help Needed With Weed Eater Motor

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Jamie197235, May 24, 2008.

  1. Jamie197235

    Jamie197235 New Member

    Can a clutch be added to a weed eater motor? Or is a kill switch just as effective?

  2. miletwo

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    I've got the same question myself but so far it's looking like "yes, but not without access to some machining tools" because you would need a way to extend the shaft of the motor a bit to accept a clutch. I'm working on just such a thing for my yardman ym400. I've pulled the center shaft off and I'm trying to find stock that will work to build a new center shaft that will extend out another inch and 1/2 then add a clutch from a chainsaw.

    Not sure how long it will take but let me konw if you come across anything.
  3. Addicted

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    All the trimmers i have ever seen have a centrifical clutch already on them,i have 4 i will be playing with shortly.
  4. Jamie197235

    Jamie197235 New Member

    I'm also using a yardman weed eater motor. It's 31cc. I was weed eating earlier with a weed eater brand weed eater and noticed when it was idling it was still spinning. Is this going to cause a problem if my yardman motor does this on my friction drive set-up?
  5. Addicted

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    Was it just idling too high?There is a clutch on them.
  6. eljefino

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    Some of the cheap ones (walmart) have no clutches.
  7. BSA

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    You could add a compression release valve, allowing you to turn the engine over without compression for just plain cycle-ing, and firing up the engine when needed. I think thats what wartime whizzers did.

  8. miletwo

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    I've found that indeed the YardMan ym400 and similar small and cheap motors do not have a clutch on them. Also, be aware that finding parts for the cheapies is not so easy. I tried getting piston rings for mine and they only want to sell the complete piston with rings on to the tune of about $45 shipped. Better off buying another motor.

    I'm now looking at getting a similar sized but higher end motor liek a Ryobi or other with clutch already on it. These can be found on craigslist and eBay for around $40 and availability of parts is much higher.

  9. Mercurius

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    (I'm new, first post)

    So, no clutch means no friction drive bike. right?
  10. arceeguy

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    You can rig a mechanism to lift the engine off of the tire to allow it to idle.

    Since you are new here (so am I), I think the admins would like it if you posted in the "Introduce Yourself" forum.

    Good luck on your projects!
  11. spad4me

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  12. Jamie197235

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    Help Needed

    What is the easiest way to rig a mechanism to lift motor off tire?
  13. Jamie197235

    Jamie197235 New Member

    Another Question

    I'm also wondering what gear on bicycle I should use to pedal assist my friction drive set-up?
  14. miletwo

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    That will probably depend upon how many gears you have. I would recommend trial and error as the best means for making this determination.
  15. arceeguy

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  16. victoreperez

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    edger parts

    to lift your engine off your tire: go to a lawn motor repair facility...ask them for the part that the edger uses to lower the blade...attaches to the motor and it is held in place by a system of holes on a plate. Should be very cheap and very "adaptable" for your purpose. Attached find very "crude" drawing. Good Luck!!
  17. motoredrider

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    Hello from Washington State;
    I was a motored rider for awhile, until i went to a local discount store, where i chained my bike to a lite post, only to find it gone when i came out about 30 minutes later.

    It was an 80 cc motor mounted on a mountain bike, it really was nice for about 2 weeks:(
  18. seabillco

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    motor pivot

    FWIW, I just built a friction drive, rack mount for my mountain bike.
    I bolted the engine to a piece of 1/2" plywood and then bolted the plywood to a strap of steel used to hold a 4x4 post for fencing.
    The steel had a threaded hole and a long, lag bolt. I found that the bolt fit nicely in 1/2" aluminum tube. I brazed the tube to an aluminum strap which I then bolted to my frame.
    At that point, the bolt goes through the tube and the engine pivots around the bolt. I just put a handle on the other end and you can pivot the engine on and off the tire as needed.
    I hope this helps.
    Here's pictures.

    Steve G
    Grants Pass, Oregon

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  19. brendonv

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    Whipper snippers older than about 8 years dont have clutches, new ones have centrifugal clutchs. I have one 30cc without and one 31cc with.