Break In Help?!? New Bike/Motor died. Fouled Spark Plugs. Why/How? Best Plugs to buy?

Hey guys great thread. I just bought a gasbike slant head kit. Lots of modification to assemblies just to get it fit on correctly. I am battling with getting engine started for very first time. I have fuel, when I take out spark plug and turn over, you can feel mist pumping out of head. But the spark plug, brand new china special Z4C or whatever, well it has no visible spark! I know CDI is working because it shocks me when I hold it, is it possible to come with a defective plug?? This has been a ball buster every step of the build.
I've ran a few motors on that plug, one even ran for 5 years. The most often plug used is the NGK BP6HS.

The best way to check for spark is in a darkened garage and roll the bike forward.