Help - New Head Gasket Too Big??

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by jdlbb, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. jdlbb

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    I decided to replace all my gaskets as sort of a tune up and when I got my new head gasket I realized it was too big. Its bigger than the original. Is there different size gaskets? I was told my motor is a dax70 when I bought it. I attached a picture comparing the two. the diameter is about 1/8 in difference.

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  2. srdavo

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    wow...that's some difference!!

    where'd you buy your gaskets?

    did you buy your engine from dax or someone else?
    the good news is, you can prolly reuse your old gasket, till you get the correct size.

    If I was guessing....your engine is a 48cc.
    I like the 48cc's....but that's just me.
  3. littlejohn411

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    I would reuse it but I would spray it with permatex copper spray a gasket.

    I use it on any head gasket I encounter with no issues.