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    I was thrilled when I found the Grubee Skyhawk 4G T-Belt 49cc 4 stoke engine with the rear mount kit. I have a Next 21 spd. Mountain Bike with front and rear frame suspension, of course no room at all for a motor in the frame itself. The problem I'm having is getting dealers to respond to my emails for a simple question, the motor is supplied pull start only I understand totally I'm not dense, I don't mind that for back up but I want add CDI (?), push button electric start for daily use. From doing yard work I know how pull starts can be a pain sometimes!! Has anyone added this feature to the HuaSheng motor before, someone told me it's really a Honda motor, I don't know. If you have info. please respond as in knowing what parts I would need, where to buy the parts, etc... I'm getting so close to building my first project and I want to have everything I need set up and ready when I start, there's nothing worse than to start something just to find out you need a part that will take a couple of weeks to get you know! I have automotive and motorcycle experience so I'm not completely in the dark but I have to admit I've never gotten into small engine repairs and upgrades so thus I need assistance. I do already have plans on getting rid of the SRAM selectors and just adding drop down selectors, I really don't plan on much peddling anyway, lol. Presently I do have one problem with the bike, on going up hills or under any real load in fact the chain slips and slips and is a real pain in the a - -!! I've tried to adjust those SRAM selectors, the gear selector at the crank, the derailleur, etc... and nothing helps!! Thanks everyone!!! :jester:

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    Added Question

    How do you know how many teeth you need for the drive gear? I'll be doing city riding, with street tires if that help and I have a need for speed, the more the better!!!!
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    I'm not familiar with the 4-stroke 'Skyhawk' engines, but I would assume that they already have CDI, (Capacitor Discharge Ignition) - points have virtually disappeared.

    Electric-start? Don't you think that's over-reaching a bit? After all, it is only a 49cc engine. Electric-start means adding a decent battery, charge system and starter motor.