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    If this is your first build, read through these... Sum Up prep checklist? Happy Time Mounts and Sprockets Hard Clutch non working Kill Switch Rear mount studs broke. fix??? Huffy Cranebrook Best way to secure a gas tank Leaking Head/Gasket Cranbrook Coaster Brake INSTALL much to break in? installing a cylinder together Solution to torqueing China HT engine mounts. No power with Skyhawk 49cc (same for 66cc) First build Were can I get a clutch pin? Clutch roller (a must have item) Break in period? Good site for engine parts schematic

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    Thanks for posting this. Posting a link is far easier than typing the info over and over for the new guys.
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    Yeah.....What Wheelbender said!!!
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    Need Help With Build Please

    Help someone please! I live in Houston ,Texas and am fixing to start my first build. I am looking for someone or a shop in my area thats willing in helping me with the build or charging me to do it right. I bought a BAD AS* motor off here thats been ported and polished and has a high pro. carb. and lots of extra parts I anm just looking for some help in my area with this first one. I need a good frame and some good dubble walled rims with HD spokes. Someone help me, please. I also need a gas tank. thanks ,Richard
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    We need more info to help. Is your bad a$$ two stroke a kit motor or will it require fabricated motor mounts?
    You can order strong wheels from Husky. Sorry, I don't know the web address.
    You need to decide what you want to build (beach cruiser, mountain bike, chopper, etc).
    Unless you need welded motor mounts, try assembling the motorbike yourself. Godspeed.
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    Thanks for taking the time to reply to my thread godspeed, I think I am going to try and tackle this first build myself. And yes its a kit motor so I just need to figure what I want to ount it in. I do think I am going with a beach cruzer something like a Workman. Again thanks and if theres anyone from the Houston area thats intrested in selling me some parts and a little advice hit me back. Thanks All, Richard
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    you will find the kits are pretty easy to install just make sure what ever bike you get the middle of the frame is big enough, I do believe most beach cruzers are just keep in mind the bigger the middle the better ,
    also get some Kevlar tire for is I had 3 flats in 2 months put the Kevlar tires on 4 months ago haven had a flat since
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    Just a note...
    That is not a very sound front mount Al.
    You have a flat piece on a round tube simply squeezed down by a muffle clamp.

    The proper way to mount with a muffler clamp is to bolt the connection piece to it.


    To know if your engine is mounted right grab the top bar with one hand the engine head with other and back and forth on it AS HARD AS YOU CAN!
    If it moves AT ALL, that is a fail, and by the look of Al's 3 or 4 good pushes and that would fail.

    Note the front mount on my example is a front mount, I like their Z metal piece as you can orient it up like the above pic but you can orient it down and use the included spacers to bride large gaps like this.


    The main difference is that muffler clap gives you a 360 grip on the down tube and a flat spot for the plat to attach and all you really need is the right size muffler clap and some steel.
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    if you want a solid installation, a deadblow hammer is a great investment
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    Re: Help

    Yeah the Beatles I'm the featured vocalist on most of the studio if not all studio recordings ..HEY ! it looks like your in no need of advise but you may look up my recent post you may get a few ideas I'm working on a cam just start one. The problem with these if you don't know mush about the engine is the factory crankshaft and connecting rod. You have a good start. The best your going to do with the engine is pull it back off and tear it down completely toss the factory crankshaft and have one spun out of 4340 forged one piece with a lighter set of counters and set up a two piece connecting rod sure and don't forget the forged piston. Sure why not cut a one piece cylinder and cylinder head too out of billet aluminum and of course don't forget the porting have that punched out of that billet OK your done all you'll need is a steel frame to mount that to likely when complete it will bend an aluminum frame. This it the basics without math without pure platinum turning on diamond set micro surfaces channel set in place of ":BALL BEARINGS" WHAT ARE YOU SERIOUS ? BALL BEARINGS YOUR JOKING ME ?
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    Fancy , not bad...
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    Wow Robot, that was really out there.
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    Loving this thread.I just started building mine.My front mount is at a different angle to the front bar, & is
    a smaller ID, also.I,m lucky, for I,m a retire machinist with a small shop. I told my wife it must be tuff on
    new guys that don't have the machines or back ground to make adjustments as this.When I ordered my
    kit I did not think about all the different angles or dia from bike to bike.

    It just not something a guy that never took this deal on thinks about.Bud just take your time & think this
    out.I,m sure these folks have been there done that, & will help you.

  14. Fly1

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    Sam looking at your bike with your expansion chamber, does that not get hot that close to your leg?
    I plan on making one for mine, as soon as I get it broke in.But I have not yet gave it much thought
    on how to run it.That look trick, be just wondering.
  15. KCvale

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    If you ever ride in shorts avoid anything hot at your thighs, really.
    That bike example for mounting with the upswept exhaust was what he wanted, he regretted it.

    Send your exhaust down and away ;-}
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    13177082_10208499169971278_2894374266405000979_n.jpg 13138850_10208499169931277_7666699763453190246_n.jpg and then u get stuck with a sh*t kit. the studs are so fricken weak they break to easy. I switched up to 3/8" studs ready rod. Redrilled all the holes and retapped. engine doesnt move an inch now. just be careful when u install dont overtighten or torque too much, it just has to be snug otherwise u end up doing this. Don't gloat bout how bad ass your kit is...cause it will turn round and slap u.
  17. butre

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    if you left the rubber out the studs would have been fine