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    hi im new here and am a bit overwhelmed by all the thorough info on this site, so im not sure if this post belongs here, if not, can someone please point me in the right direction?
    im currently in the process of sourcing all the necessary parts for my first build, i just have to figure out my gearing. i want to go >=25 mph and figure my gearing should be somewhere around 15:1 on 26in wheels, is this correct? i just drew conclusions from info here and there around the site. also, im not sure whether or not my engine has internal reduction or not? im pretty sure it doesnt and i cant think of a reason why it would, but it never hurts to be sure.. its from a troybilt 4stroke weed trimmer. from what i understand, if it has internal reduction and i add a jackshaft, my speed will be affected dramatically drastically. any help is greatly appreciated, thanks so much in advance:-/