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    Hi, my rope broke on my pull start on my HT engine.

    I'm not sure which way to wind the coil spring on the plastic rope pulley. Looking at the back of the plastic pull rope pulley, which way do I wind the spring?

    Excuse me for not figuring this out, Is the spring wound in the opposite direction of the pull rope, i.e wind the spring counter clockwise or clockwise from looking at the bottom (right side of pulley as it is mounted on the engine and bike)


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    im pretty sure its wound in the opposite direction because thats how it retracts the rope.
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    I'm stupid. I have trouble visualizing things in three dimensions and how they work. Although winding that spring is a %^&*()*&^%ing PITA I quickly figured out I had wound it wrong and needed to rewind it in the correct direction.

    Some tips:
    Wear gloves while winding the spring. The sharp edges of the spring can cut into you as you hold it all together while looping it counter clockwise against the pulley. Wear eye protection, long sleeve shirt (heavy shirt or sweat shirt) and jean pants so if the coiled spring pops out, it won't hurt as much or injure you.

    I don't use knots in my starter pull ropes. Instead, I light the rope on fire and rotate the rope as it burns and melts so I have a large blob on the end. Blow out the flame and gently form the blob with a pair of pliers or even a popsickle stick. THe blob of melted plastic is very hot and will burn you badly if it touches your skin. My starter rope broke right before the knot on the pulley.
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    yeah starter ropes are a pain. i have 1st hand experience with the pull starter in my 4 stroker. that thing was royal PITA lol
  5. My HT pull starter did that too, whatever you do don't let that spring uncoil!! SOunds like its too late :p but its annoying to put back together .. but is possible! a note of advice (this might be hard to explain)

    Make sure that the new cord you put on there is LONGER than you want it, because the spring at rest won't 'Retract' the rope back in (if you see what i mean) you will have to have a longer cord, and then pull it a bit till you feel the tension and then put the handle in that location! else your cord won't retract all the way in!
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    hey Skyliner

    #1 listed above -- although I never wore eye protection while messing
    with those springs -- it's a good idea
    my buddy at work lost an eye on the job
    he used to jump me hard when I wouldn't have eye protection on

    #2 although probably not a bad idea
    just not sure if it's the best
    I have been around a lot of small engine mechanics
    have never seen one do this -- they all seem to tie the knot
    yet all know about burning rope so as to hold ends together

    true though at most times -- break at the knot

    ride that thing
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    the best way to wind a spring is on the edge of a flat table , lay the spring coil on the table with the outside end going out to the right , start winding the spring up while its flat on the table , have a needle nose pliers handy . as the coil gets tighter it will get harder to wind place the left palm of you hand flat over the top of the coil Flatt on the table . and pull the end out . as you do that the coil will get smaller and smaller do this till the coil is small enough to go into it ca rage , take the needle nose pliers and grab the coil spring from the side , at this point if you hold the pliers tight . your coil will remain tight in the pliers without exploding , while holding the coil with the pliers place the bend at the end in the little lip in the carage then set the spring coil flat in its place . place the palm of your hand over the spring coil and slowly let go . making sure that the spring unwinds slowly in there so it doesn't jump out , the rest is self explanatory , yes were eye projection , and be patient . it will take you more than one try , as for your question about which way to wind it up . go with the bend . the most disappointing thing that could happen is you find that you have the spring upside down in the pliers then try to flip it around and not let it unwind . that's frustrating .
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    Go here

    Make your Pull starter BULLET PROOF + LONGER PULLS
    They use a steel cable.
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