Help Request: Removing loops from bicycle chain after removing back wheel

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by will_start, May 26, 2010.

  1. will_start

    will_start Member

    Hey All,

    I searched and didn't find a post on this.
    So I appeal to anyone out there to help me
    with this problem.
    I've spent about an hour trying to get my chain
    in one straight loop.
    I have a 21 speed hybrid bike.

    As per title.
    Help Request: Removing loops from bicycle chain after removing back wheel

    I took the back wheel off, and ended up with loops in the chain.
    I had two loops, tried to fix it, and ended up with three.

    So, I thought I'd stop and post.
    I will get my fixed back wheel, home tommorrow
    So would like to work this out soon.
    Anyone had this problem before ?
    I know I have but can't recall how I fixed it.

    I want to post pictures for the other issues I've seen
    occuring in the one picture of my bike.
    (its yet taken, I like to photog ok!)

    A bicycle stand using a paint tin, when you have the back wheel off.
    [For the shop talk section.]
    A bunch of bananas I picked. For white zone content.

    So see for pics of three loops, paint tin, and bananas.
    Also, the side basket, I put on, as there will be no
    wobble, when the load is low.
    I learnt that here...~~~!!!

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  2. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    Hey Will, you found what is called the Gordian Knot of bike chains. :D
    Just kidding.

    Chains do that if inverted on themselves. Think of it this way: If the chain made loops without being broken, the loops will come out.

    Kind of hard to explain but you have to take one side of the chain and reverse the whole side thereby reversing both loops. If you think about it a sec I think you'll get it.

    Nice bananas btw.
  3. professor

    professor Active Member

    These chains can be like a puzzle.
    If you absolutely cannot figure it out- take a chain tool and remove a link, unwind the chain and re-install it. It would help to put the whole bike up on a table where it is easier to work on.
  4. will_start

    will_start Member

    Thanks Happy Valley & Professor.

    I do have a table that I used to use.
    So maybe that would be an option to start this off.

    In the mean-time, I've pulled my lower back muscles.
    So, I will have to wait, even to pick up my bike & wheel.

    You're saying, if I rotate the chain about its lengths axis, then the
    loops should clear themselves. I have to work out the direction, to
    reduce the number of loops. If I get 4, then I'll need to go the other way.

    I will return with attempts when they happen.
    thanks again.
  5. AussieSteve

    AussieSteve Active Member

    Something like this:-

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  6. will_start

    will_start Member

    Well I did it. Not sure how, but the loops are gone.
    I rotated the chain on the top half, towards the bike.

    Sat on a matt in front of my paint tin, and just worked it out.

    My back is getting better, so when the wheels back on
    will be able to ride.

    Thanks for the replies.
    Wish I could be more precise with how its done,
    and no I don't want the loops back to work out how.
    ... :rolleyes7:
  7. AussieSteve

    AussieSteve Active Member

    Good one. Your persistence paid off.
    I'm glad you didn't give up and cut the chain. The last time I had that problem, years ago, it crossed my mind to cut it but my pride wouldn't let me do it since I knew that it didn't need to be cut.

    A badly looped chain is a bit like a Rubik's Cube.
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  8. will_start

    will_start Member

    It would make an interesting challenge.

    But like Master Chef for bicycles.