Help!!! Schwinn Clear Creek Engine Mount

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Marktur, May 6, 2008.

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    Hi all,
    Well, got my kit ready to go...and now I'm trying to mount the motor, and I'm having a tough time figuring out if this is going to's a thick frame - seat post is fine, but I had to change the mount around...

    Anyway, here's some pictures, give me your suggestions...I don't know if the carb and air filter will fit once I get it mounted.

    Thanks for your help!
    Hopefully I don't need to get a new bike...

    Schwinn1: Look at how I was able to fit the motor...the front will not sit down any further before the studs can't get around the fat frame.

    Schwinn2: Shows the studs holding the motor off..

    Schwinn 3: Shows how if I switch the mounting bracket with the mounting block, this side will fit (to the seat post)

    Schwinn4: Overhead show of the front post with studs hitting the tape.

    Now - I did get a set of wide frame mounts, but I'm not seeing how that's going to let things fit better...

    I will set and look and try to figure something out, but any help is appreciated. Please show me how you guys made it fit...


  2. The pictures didnt load Mark.
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    Sorry: Here's the bike: clearcreek&rh=k:schwinn clear creek&page=1

    I've already pulled the studs from the front mount, to try and use the flat mount with the hole through the frame...I still don't think there's enough room for the carb if I do it that way...the frame is just a bit too tight from the seatpost to the bottom forward part that goes up at a 45 angle...

    I think the carb is going to hit the seatpost... I have a feeling that I'll be at Target or Walmart tomorrow, buying a new bike, dammit... ;)

    Here's a pic (hopefully). This is how the mounting surfaces sit flush to the frame on both sides...any other angle, and I'm going to cause damage when I crank it down...


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  4. Marktur

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    Well, I think I'm going to Walmart and going to buy the Kulani beach cruiser...I've seen pictures on this forum of this bike with motor mounted, etc. Not one with my I'll keep that as a human-power bike, and I'll have a dedicated motor-bike, too.

    I would really like a bike with shocks, but I can't do mountain bikes anymore, I think that my old mountain bikes helped to hurt my back, because I used to ride 10 miles a day for many many years..between sitting in that position, and sitting on a surfboard, I've had to give up the mountain bike and switch to a cruiser which allows me to keep my back straighter while riding (no pain). Can't quit surfing, though...nope, I might get old if that happens! :)
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    I really wanted the Clear Creek too, I stared at it in Target for a long time. I had a gut feeling it was too tight.
    There are tons of aftermarket parts. I put cruiser handle bars on my mountain bike and I also installed beehive springs on my Schwinn Jaguar. I just bought some BMX bars to replace the low handlebars on my new mountain bike.
    Good luck.
  6. Marktur

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    I really like the Clear Creek...actually glad I didn't mount the motor...It's a nice bike and I need the exercise. I don't see myself peddling too much when there's a motor attached...tomorrow morning I fire up the Moon Dog!
  7. theonlyhek

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    I want ONE!! lol

    So is putting a motor on a Clear Creek viable?

    I am thinking short intake pipe to slant outside, with a large frame adapter for the fatty frame?

    Thanks th3on1yh3k
  8. Mountainman

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    I know why I use my engine so much

    yes -- that's what I am finding out Mark

    it's been more engine and less legs lately

    I have a worn out rt knee
    maybe I am trying to save what's left of it
    that sounds good
    hey -- honey I know why I use my engine so much...

    ride that thing
  9. For Mark, got tired of working on the MB, now it is NO peddling, got a scooter, got hooked, sold it, and bought a Motorcycle......