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Hello everyone I am in need of help. I got my bike running once. Since then I get the bike pedaling but when i let out the clutch it sounds like its running but when I try and give it gas it just has a low rumble but doesn't do much when gas is applied and then dies out. I've tried it with the choke on and off. Its getting fuel. I have checked the spark plug and it looks fine. Im using the stock spark plug that came with it. Also its getting fuel because it started nicely once and also the bowl on the bottom of the carburetor is getting fuel... Any suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks! :)


I had a bit of trouble with this initially as well. Before getting the bike in motion make sure the fuel valve is in the open position, press the tickle button on the carb 2-3 times, if the engine is cool to the touch make sure the choke is on (in the up position), start riding until you get around 10MPH+, let out the clutch and keep pedaling and give it a little bit of throttle, after a few seconds flip the choke off, keep pedaling and give it more throttle it should start flying right after that. Good luck. :)

Edit: Something else I forgot to mention, check the idle speed of the engine. I was having a tough time getting my bike started at all until I adjusted the idle speed just a tad higher up, after that everything was like butter.
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ok, now, i just know someone's gonna accuse me of being "mean" to the new guy...

azkronic was trying to illustrate how one can help him or herself by searching for the already existing answers/topics...he should have locked the thread to keep this one from going active, i'm going to do that now.

if you're new to forums, then take the time to learn how to use one before you start cluttering up the place with repeat questions, you're NOT helping anyone when you do that, and it only sends the good information further back on the list.

use search, and do your own homework...when you find a thread about your problem, post a "reply" in that thread. the action will bring it back to the top where it can then help the next new builder, not to mention reduce the load of an already overworked & underappreciated volunteer staff.

thank you.
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