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    I am currently researching the impacts of the information age and am looking for people to complete my survey for school

    See attached
    Enter your answers
    And attach and email to

    Thanks to all the people who can


    ps Reply here for any feedback or questions

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    maybe i'll have time over the weekend. would it be promblem if its in an Open Office format? Bill Gates is evil!
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    thanks open office would be fine

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    Sorry, no access to anything that reads .doc here- wpd only.
  6. Survey on the information age

    Name: Large Filipino

    Age group: (15 to 29), (30 to 49), (50+) 42

    "Information Age is a term that has been used to refer to the present economic era. The name alludes to the global economy's shift in focus away from the production of physical goods (as exemplified by the industrial age) and toward the manipulation of information."


    When did you first start to be come involved in the information age?

    Huh? I dunno. When I got my first radio?

    Have you been educated (through school, uni, or various other training services) on the information age?


    Work related
    Does your job require current technology to organise, gather, etc, information?

    Sometimes when I'm looking at craigslists

    How often is this technology updated and why is it updated?

    Sometimes when I have a new riding video

    Personal use
    Do own or have access a computer connected to the World Wide Web?

    Duh. :grin:

    What is this computer used for

    I refuse to answer because the children are watching!

    Have you used online shopping and how regularly?

    Yes and maybe once a month

    Do you feel safe sharing your personal information on the world wide web and do use virus protection to protect your information?

    Just my name and pay pal unless I KNOW the place is legit

    Social connections
    Are you signed up to any social networks, chat rooms, instant messengers etc?

    I actually do have some kind of life so no... wait. I'm on a mechanics network.

    How often do you access/log in to these social pastimes?

    In that respect,I have no life. This I do daily.

    Do you use these to meet new friends or stay in contact with current/past friends?


    News / TV
    What's your fasted way of receiving the latest news (e.g., TV, radio, newspaper, etc)

    My Yahoo

    Do you own a TV and what do you use this for?

    Yes. For watching the Obama speech and for my PS2

    Do you own a mobile phone?


    How often do you buy a new mobile phone?

    every 5 years or so

    Is this used for business, family/friends contact, emergencies and/or other uses?

    All of the above

    Are you signed up for online banking


    How do you pay your bills

    with money

    When withdrawing money do you use atm's or make a withdrawal from a bank

    I make one ATM cash withdrawal a month. When it's gone I consider myself broke.

    Do you prefer to purchase items with cash or with a card


    How has your way of life changed since you started experiencing the information age?

    I refuse to answer that. The kids are watching.
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    thanks Large Filipino

    it's nice to see that we can all help each other out