Help Totally Lost/Clueless Broke Outer Case

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    First off a total noob when it comes to this stuff, im the computer/electronics buff. My dad and brother are the mechanics, this is my brothers bike, im just here to try n help em out. I have pictures that i will post, i can post more pictures if necessary. I don't know the names of specific parts and or covers etc so i apologize in advance. If you tell me once though will remember. I called a guy who has done some stuff for my brothers bike in the past and he has never seen this problem, thus here i am asking yo guys for your opinion and views on the subject...

    After posting the pics ill do my best to describe, the piece that im holding in picture one was one solid piece it was never meant to come off to my knowledge. The Top piece in picture two and three rubbed against the piece in picture four until it did so much damage it actually popped it out. You can see the wear and tear on picture four. Question, is this replaceable, repairable, if so just generalization of cost for parts etc. If not thanks for taking the time to vie my topci,

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    It would be cheaper (time) to replace the cover. Make some thick gaskets to move the cover away from the clutch mechanism. If you don't want to buy and since the hole is already there you can enlarge it so nothing rubs, make a thin plate out of sheet metal, cut some gaskets as needed and JB Weld to outside. Clean and paint.

    This is my first hearing about a hole through the cover, but have seen cases of rubing.
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    If that were my bike, I'd make a few copies of the gasket until I has a layer about as thick as a credit card. Clean the outside of the cover; get rid of all oil residue. Then take a spare mouse pad and cut it up to the outline of the cover, allowing for bolt holes. Then I'd glue / epoxy / silicon seal that mouse cover outline to the metal cover; cloth surface to metal cover; let it sit overnight to let the adhesive harden. I recommend putting a few light dabs of heavy grease on the gears. Then I'd put the gasket copy and the cover in place. Go for a ride to test how well it holds up.

    My mouse pad stick-on has been in place for over 50 hours of riding. It refuses to come off.

    1,248 miles on my engine.
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    I think that hole is awesome, i saw keep it and epoxy a windows over the hole. My clutch cover is doing the same thing. I am going let the engine cut the hole and then mount glass or plexi to it.