help weird vibration



when i hit a fast speed my bike has a little annoying vibration and when i look at my back tire it seems to look a little lopsided ive took it off and tried to adjust but it went right back to what it was do you think thak could be the reason it vibrating thow?
sounds like something is loose.....or broken? look it over really good. check all bolts/nuts for tightness. engine & bicycle.
i did NOTHING is loose at ALL trust me my rim is not bent ikt just looks like the tire but i dont know if that little losside could make it vibrate?
Check to make sure your tire is seated evenly in the bead all the way around. There should be a molded "sight line" all the way around where the rim meets the tire. If it is not seated evenly in the rim, it is out of round/balance, and will shake that bike like no other...
This happened to me too. The tire can get a bit stretched and this happens as a result.. the tire bulges in one spot and in my case hit the chain guard a bit, this causes a bad vibration. This happened most likely in my case because the tire was so old, over inflated, over stressed due to higher speeds/pot holes or a combination of these.
If the vibration goes....."ZIP ZIP ZIP ZIP ZIP ZIP ....look at your tensioner wheel and see if the sound is coming from there ... if so you have more than 1.5mm of axial and lateral play in your sprocket or a bent axle or both causing your chain to "whip" with an annoying ZIP ZIP ZIP ZIP ZIP sound... this will eventually snap your axle.