help with 4 stroke briggs and stratton

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by built_to_go, Sep 20, 2011.

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    I have a briggs and stratton motor and wanted to know the top speed and if it would be a good motor for my bike. its a 2hp 3600rpm its from a tiller not sure on the year but was thinking about using it for my bike build. and help would be great. i also need help finding a after market carb. let me know what you think. thanks!

  2. PatrickW

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    Hi there, Briggs Guy. Welcome to MBc. In theory, your B&S 2 hp would probably do just as well as any other 2 hp. If the rings and bearings are still tight, it should do fine. But, under hard use like a tiller or mower on thick grass, the rings tend to wear prematurely, and you start blowing blue smoke out the exhaust and lose power. That has been my experience, at least. Also, you would do well to consider some sort of 'rack-mount' over the rear tire...this is due to the weight of the thing and even that is not ideal. However, I have seen them mounted 'in frame'. I do believe that, altho they do not produce a lot of revs, they do have torque. That is why you see them on tillers, pumps, heavy mowers and generators.

    As for the carb, unless it is smashed in from a collision or something, they are really quite easy to rebuild. You can get a kit from any small engine shop. If it is really damaged, still hit the small engine shop with a forlorn look, and with a little 'Social Engineering' you could probably get the owner to give you a carb off one of the junk or unclaimed engines and sell, or even give you a rebuild kit.

    I have used numerous B&S engines during my 'misspent youth' (as my wife calls it) and they all served well. Most people don't realize that large engine repair shops (such as those connected with Sears and others take in a lot of mowers, tillers, weed-whackers, etc. to be fixed, and when the shop contacts the owner with the repair estimate, the customer will just tell them to just keep's not worth the money to fix it. Sooo, when the store room piles up with unclaimed items, the manager just calls the scrap metal guy to haul them away. If you get there before he does, and pour on the 'social engineering' again, the manager might let a young fella have one or two to tinker with...between the two you usually can make one good engine.

    Those are my thoughts in a nutshell. Be sure to check out our 4-Stroke Forum, and use our search function. Good luck to you.

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    You sure got a good word from Patrick. I do not recall a briggs with only 2 hp. My 2 cents is to put it in the frame and use a belt drive to a large rear pulley (that one being a rim attached to the wheel) like the real old bikes.