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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Drunkskunk, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. Drunkskunk

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    No, nothing to do with the Atkins diet. Just the lump of metal on the side of the engine. Anyone have a link to tuning the Happytime Carbs? I tried putting mine on a working motor last night to set it up, but it won't run it, and i can't figure out how to tune the thing, or diagnose what it's doing wrong when it does sputter.

    If it helps, the symoptoms are,
    it won't start cold.
    it won't start hot.
    it will start warm. (touchable, but painfull for long)
    It doesn't matter if the choke is on or off, or any combo in between.
    it idles at near full throttle, turning the screw in the side instantly kills it, turned in either direction
    touching the throttle kills it.
    Its a known working motor. the working carb is diffrent, but the same size and mounting configuration.

    I'm not even sure what the screw in the side does. is it idle speed? idle mixture? true mixture? If its for idle speed, Does it go in, or out for faster? If it's mixture, is out richer?

    The instructions with the bike are in engrish, and it only says that "Adjusting the curb is being by screw" :???:

  2. BSA

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    Check that your fuel filter isn't blocked up.

  3. Make sure your Throttle is installed correctly.

    Also The slide inside carb isn't off 18o deg .
    and the cable going into the carb is installed Correctly.
    Take off the air cleaner Look into the carb ..make sure it goes Up and down all the way.

    Next Check to ,see if your Intake manifold is Lose Or a bad gasket.
    Same with the carb

    If you need to give me a call today.

    even if you didn't buy from Blue-Collar We cay usually fix it over the phone.

    I don't mind helping.



  4. s_beaudry

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    Now that is what I call service! Very nice gesture Bob....
  5. Drunkskunk

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    That is a generous offer. I may be taking you up on it if it won't start today.Thanks!
  6. sp454e

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    cns h/p carb on gt5. motor will not go above 20 mph. the plug is black assume running rich. no adjustment on needle. elevation in laughlin, nv. 500 ft. stock plug
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    sounds like an air leak, you have your throttle slide in wrong, or the main jet fell out and is laying on the bottom of the float bowl.
    i'll assume that you have the air filter off and that you can see the choke actually moving.
    if you can't see the choke, are you positive that it's actually opening and closing?
    is this an nt carb or a cns?

    if you have an nt carb, the only screw that it will have is for idle speed. there is not a fuel-air ratio adjustment screw on an nt carb.
    if you have a cns carb, it will have an idle screw and an air-fuel ratio adjustment screw.
    the choke on a cns is totaly different than on an nt by the way.
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    Bob. Are you still offering advice on carbs?