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    Okay so I have a 26 inch beach cruiser Huffy motorized bicycle and I need it to take off the chain tensioner because it was giving me more problems than it's worth so I removed it and Just cut the engine chain to length. Now my problem is that once I get the chain on and get the bike rolling it gets snagged on one of the engine mounts on the side as you see in the picture. do I have the engine mounted incorrectly or something? do I need to move it over ? what is the best way to mount the engine on the bike to keep it from snagging on the chain?

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    I had that issue once. I simply flipped my rear sprocket givimg just enough clearance. See which way the little "lip" on your rear sprocket is... If its closer to the spokes, remove it and flip it. Hope this helps.
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    rear mounts sprockets raised lip should always be away from spokes
    if u have already dont this use a grinder and take some away from your nuts be sure to leave some surface area for your tools can still remove the nuts
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    rule of thumb is "sprocket dished in for skinny tires and dished out for fat tires"
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    no always out if u do in and it grabs a spoke pray it breaks so u dont learn how to fly that day
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    It's on the rear wheel. Your not ever going to leave the seat.... Unless you can't ride:)

    If it was the front it'd be a different story
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