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  1. icyuod2

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    i'd like to mount a custom exaust to my first mb. i've spent the morning searching the forum for info and i've come across alot of tricks, tips and even a couple cool beer can exausts.
    i'm yet to find a post that explains the science behind the pipe.
    this is my first mb and i really don't know much about 2 stroke engines.
    i was hoping you guys could shed some light on the subject or at least point me in the right dirrection.

    i have an 80cc chinese motor
    back presure-how much back presure is required? and how does changing the back presure (more/less) effect perfromance?

    expansion chamber-what is the purpose of the expansion pipe on a 2 stroke?
    i've seen them on alot of old 2 strokes, and i know they increase preformance, but why?
    does the stock pipe have an expansion chamber?

    what about the baffle?i read posts about removing them completely (which sounds like bad news) cutting them down, drilling them out etc etc. opinions seem to vary on this subject.

    in long and short, i'm looking for the dummies hand book for building custom performance exausts. (tunable if possible)

    btw i have this old moped exaust/expansion pipe (from a 70's ktm moped)

    it would seem to be tunable. (nut inside the pipe)

    if i can find room to mount it, would this be a worthwhile additon? (looks cool, but what about preformance?)

    i have a 101 more question's.

  2. Mountainman

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    seems it's all been said too many times here
    but maybe this thread will take it to a new level ??

    I am one who points out to some at times
    that something is just not rocket science
    but in this case -- (((2-stroke mufflers)))
    I must admit -- there seems to be some science involved !!

    one can ease up on some of the back pressure
    and achieve more noise for sure
    faster -- many say yes
    ease up to much regarding back pressure
    as my cousin did with his HT -- now he says it lost noticeable power ??
    did he put some slight toast to it ??

    maybe the safe (((cheap))) bet is to
    do the drill a couple of small holes

    if you truly want something special
    someone on site is selling custom made pipes
    if I was going to do it -- I would get the ((real)) ((tuned thing))

    as we ride those things
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    maybe these are stupid questions which i'm sure have been answered, but here go's....
    what is back presure measured in (the unit of measurement)?
    how does one go about measuring back presure?
    and last but not least, what is the back presure on a stock 80cc chinese motor?
  4. Mountainman

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    special equipment

    with special equipment
    not found at your local shop
    one would have to search high and far to locate one of these
    and they will probably not just let you jump on there for free........

    if you search the inter net
    you will find videos and days and days of reading material

    if you want the real deal -- buy a tuned just for your motor pipe
    otherwise -- you are just playing around
    unless you go and do some serious studying..............

    ride that thing