Help with Florida registration...

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  1. Elwoodwins77

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    I have read RS-68 and am good with just about everything except what the equipment requirements are. I have been googling without any luck as to an actual list of what you must have. I have so far, dual brakes, front and rear lights (no brake lights or turn signals). no horn yet...I'd love a cheap suggestion or 2 on that...what else specifically am I missing...

  2. KenM

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    I just went to DMV myself yesterday , and got a copy of that RS-68.
    It says to have a DMV officer come and inspect the bike. And he will tell you what you need.
    I am thinking that our bikes will not be considered a moped , and we will not need anything .
    I know a guy that had his inspected , and the guy said he was fine.
    I guess it is different in every county. We live in Indian River county.
    He never said anything about being charged $40 either! That is the part I do not like. Oh well we shall see. Keep looking up! Ken.