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    I have an 80cc no name motor that I had a problem with and need to reseal a part that connects the carb and intake to the actual motor. I cant find gaskets for this anywhere. What is someone suppose to use or buy to seal this the right way. img029.jpg


    Here are some pictures to show you what I mean. Thanks and happy riding

  2. Mountainman

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    make you own may be a fast repair -- auto parts stores carry and explain how to

    ride that THING sideways
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    Also works good, just get the kind thats fuel proof ( blue)
    Sold at most auto parts stores.
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    Hi, Here's what I did. First remove the studs. Turn the motor so the piston is blocking the intake port. Use some toilet paper to pack the inside of the port (so you can pull it out later and the shavings with it). Use a wide flat file and file the cylinder gasket face till it's really flat (mine was anything but). Do the same to the intake tube. Use some gasket material to make a new gasket but don't bother to get the outside perfect or cut a hole in the center just use a paper punch to make holes for the studs. Lok-tite the studs and put them back in then use some auto silicone on the intake tube gasket surface (none on the cylinder). Put the gasket on the tube slide it on the studs put the nuts on but not to tight. Leave it over night. Now when you take it back off it's firmly glued to the intake tube. Now poke a hole in the middle and use a round file to trim it to shape inside and outside. Put a lil grease on the gasket face before you remount it to the cylinder and it won't stick to it if you need to remove it again. The gasket will last as long as the motor and there one place you'll have no more leaks. I used nylock nuts to attach mine to the cylinder the heat doesn't seem to bother them at all. I know this seems a lil extreme but you get a perfect gasket fit that can't slide around, and a perfect seal too. I also trued up the end that goes to the carb for a better seal along with a viton rubber o-ring. It doesn't really take that long to do.
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    Use a cereal box or cracker box cardboard material to make a gasket. It works well Ive done it a hundred times without fail. Exacto knife is best to use too, a lite coat of blue silicone guarantees a leak free mating.:jester:
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    lol thats pretty creative dude! you bettet not try that on the exhaust man!:jester:
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    I wouldnt use it as an exaust gasket but its works well for carbs. Ive never seen one burn up yet even the factory gaskets for alot of carbs are made out of paper. When pressure is applied to most materials it raises the ignition point.