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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by xRegginoy, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. xRegginoy

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    Working on my 1st bike and was wondering where the kill switch wires go. I have searched the forum and read different opinions such as connecting to white wire and not. Some people said to purchase a toggle switch or something like that. Some said to stuff the kill switch wires in with the blue ones. But that leaves one wire remaining.

    To those suggesting to purchase a toggle switch, would one like this work?


  2. CatonCam

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    If you scroll down near the bottom of the page you are looking at you will see several threads that might apply to your question, this is the same for all threads on MBc.

    according to several posts here, the white wire is a better candidate for a lighting source, not a KILL switch. It seems that if ground the white wire enough it might destroy your cdi unit!

    That said, I would recommend that you connect your yellow wire to the blue ones and the black wire from your kill switch to a good ground source.


  3. xRegginoy

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    Thank you for your reply. When you say connect the yellow one to the blue ones, just some how throw it in there?

    What exactly is a "good" ground source.

    Will I be able to just electrical tape the black wire to the ground since I do not have any solder?
  4. CatonCam

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    Just cut back some of the insulation on a blue wire (about a half inch) and also on the end of the yellow wire, about a inch will do, then wrap them up and use some tape on them. Thats called a splice.

    The best ground source for what you have there is the engine itself! NO,,, tape just won't do the trick. Get your self some wire ends and use them, or if the budget is really tight,,,,, strip back the insulation and just use straight wire and put it under a washer, that can be tightened down with a nut. One on the front mount would be great.

    ALSO, be warned that the exhaust will get VERY HOT, route your wiring away from that muffler and pipe.
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  5. xRegginoy

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    Okay I did get the yellow wire with the blue wires.

    I also taped down the blue and black wires so they wouldn't rise up and touch the muffler. (bad idea?)


    For the white wire, since I have no where to put it I just put some tape on the end of it and folded it back.

    I also took your idea about putting the wire underneath a washer and tightening it. I got a screw and washer and put it where the bottle mount used to be.


    If anyone sees anything wrong, please let me know :D
  6. biken stins

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    What material is your frame made of ?
  7. xRegginoy

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    I believe its aluminum but i'm not exactly sure.
  8. biken stins

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    If its aluminum best to ground it to engine.
    poor conductor.
  9. Scotchmo

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    Aluminum is a great conductor but aluminum oxide is not. The motor mount bolt on the aluminum motor is probably one of your best choices but the steel screw on your aluminum frame will also work. Aluminum oxide can form quickly on bare, clean aluminum. Make sure you don't use any materials (paint, rubber, etc.) insulating the motor from the frame and also be sure you have a good mechanical connection. It looks OK the way it is.
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