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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by jocoman, Nov 27, 2008.

  1. jocoman

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    Hi folks.
    I have a 48cc Skyhawk engine. I have been running it for 3 years without problems. Recently something caught in the drive chain and came crashing thru the casting sending debris into the magneto/magnet.
    I have ordered and received a magento and magnet.
    Problem: the magneto is not the same as the original.
    The original has little ears or tabs that hold it in place. The new one mounts by screws going right thru it.
    Here is a pick of the original. Ignore that i tried to fix the wiring. see the tabs? any ideas how to mount the new tabless one. Do you think i could tap holes into the casing?
    Thanks for any help.

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  2. DIYMark

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    I would tap or just drill holes in the cover then mount it on studs?! Other wise you would have to split the cases.
  3. jocoman

    jocoman New Member

    Got it. i took the rivets out of both magnetos and swapped the top plate. Fired up on the first pull. Thanks... Now to repair the broken casing.
  4. DIYMark

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    JB Weld could work or you could aluminum braze it but then again it would be a big job as the whole engine would have to come apart.
  5. thescooterguy

    thescooterguy Member

    time to break out the welder , cut off your old tabs and weld them to the new one ...
  6. jocoman

    jocoman New Member

    Thanks, i thought of that, but a afraid the welder may srew up the magnetic properties of the coil core. Has anyone else done a bit of welding on the coil core?
    I need just a little tack...'
  7. V 35

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    My advice ... it's a parts engine. The beauty thing is, you can buy an entire motor for under $ 150, and be riding with the old blow up
    doing duty as a parts rack. Not to knock welding and JB Welding, I question the longevity of the repair, VS the labor involved. As to those tabs on the mag, I've never seen them before, look more like small engine, thanks for showing us those roached parts.