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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by James L, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. James L

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    I have a huffy Nel Lusso bike it must have a fatter down tube then other bikes... I bought a motorized bike kit from

    It came without the head or anything connected and no instructions. Bent front motor mount bolts and the carburetor at the intake end was chipped everywhere.
    and was just a overall pain.I did get it put together

    When I try to mount the motor in the front the bolts will not go over the tube....

    I don't have anymore $ or not alot to spend on this bike. Any ideas? Last motor i had i used grade 8 12.9 allen head bolts. 2 broke off and are still in the old motor. I don't want to use grade 8 12.9 allen head bolts anymore lol.

    Please help me come up with a solution. I did see a post where the guy used two muffler clamps. It seems feasible. The new motor doesn't have any broken bolts.

  2. bakaneko

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    Did u get the universal u-mount for the front engine mount?
  3. James L

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    I believe so, The u bolt will clear the frame. I was thinking i could just use shorter threaded rods and or a couple small bolts. I was about to head to the hardware store in a hour.

    I have a couple of m6 1.0 allen head bolts but after the last time i don't want to use grade 8 again.
  4. Frankfort MB's

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    Grade 8 bolts are stronger than grade 6 or 5
  5. James L

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    Since i can't use threaded rods on the front i bought some grade 5 bolts. I don't want to snap anymore grade 8 bolts. I couldn't drill them to use a ez out...

    I figured with grade 5 i could drill them or use a ez out. Unfortunately i don't own a dremel tool to cut slots in the broken bolts on the other motor.

    I did look for one at the pawn shop though, no luck there, but there's a thrift shop type store that I'm going to next
  6. David Bogle

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    Harbor freight