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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by motorman, Dec 31, 2006.

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  1. motorman

    motorman Guest

    I finished my bike and tried it out, and after it started the throttle would not work.

    When attaching the throttle cable down by the engine, this is what i did:(First Picture)

    I just placed this arrangement in the hole where you put the throttle in. After having the throttle not work, i noticed a pin at the bottom of the hole. (Second Picture)

    Is this pin supposed to be somehow attached to the spring so when you pull the throttle, the pin is pulled up? Or am i supposed to do something completely different?

    Thanks for the help.


  2. Steve

    Steve Guest


    The cable must go thru the slot in the brass throttle slider type cylinder. That is what controls the air thru the carb. The brass needle goes between the metal disk and the brass slider.
  3. where is the brown cyclinder? you need it
  4. Cookie

    Cookie Guest

    it looks like it is in the carb the brass looking thing ......take you finger and put some pressure on teh brass thing and pull it out of the throat ... check your instructions about assembling the needle valve.

  5. bird

    bird Guest

    the red washer also shouldnt be there its for the little valve on your gas tank