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  1. Mudbudjr

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    My siblings and I are looking to restore my dads whizzer for his 60th birthday. Problem is none of us know a whole lot about this bike. Could anybody tell me the year of this bike? Also a good place for parts? I found 2 motors in my dads garage with one being a "J" motor and the other being an "H" motor. Both likely need rebuilt and was curious if one would be better to rebuild than the other. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Mudbudjr

    Mudbudjr New Member

    Also, I am in need of a new carb as the motor did not have a carb on it. I think I am going with the H motor. Is there another aftermarket (cheaper) carb I can use other than buying a tilloston ml5b for 150
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    I'm sorry you're not getting a reply. I can't help you because the only thing I know about Whizzers is the mere fact of their existence.

    I'm also puzzled because there certainly are Whizzer people around here. And they'll be able to teach you things. Maybe they haven't looked in here lately.

    But keep on checking in. These folks will be by sooner or later. And then you'll get some info.
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    I realize this is a couple months hence, but, I've been away on other projects. Perhaps, Quenton Guenther will chime in soon, otherwise PM him. He is a very knowledgeable contributor who has helped me a bunch. As to your question, have you checked Ebay? There are a number of carbs that might fit your application. Do you know the year? I have a '48 on a Viking bicycle frame with a "H" motor.
    Good Luck....

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  5. Mudbudjr

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    Thank you for the reply. I tore down the motor and put it all back together with electronic ignition and a new gaskets and what not. Finally got spark out of it. Found an old tilloston carb in my dads garage but it's not the ml5b the numbers are scratched off but it bolts up. I'm hoping it will work. I've been calling the guys at memory lane classics and they've been very helpful. Though I'm wondering if anyone knows a good paint number that would be close to the original red whizzer. Again all help is appreciated.
  6. SilverHeels

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    OK, good to learn you're making progress. As to paint matching. If you have a part with acceptable paint (you may need to clean it up) take the part to an automotive paint supply store. They have a camera (call around) that will take pic of the paint and create a paint code. I've done this a couple of times and the paint match is excellent. Obviously, you need to have a method, skills and misc paint supplies to apply it. It's not a brush-able or in a rattle can application form The other possibility, is to get the paint formula and forward it to a vendor like "paint". They maybe able to create the color and provide it in a "rattle" can version. Good Luck....
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    Try this. for paint , hopefully your carb works well enough for your motor. Try Mike whIzzer works if you need a new one he sometimes has ml5b's he also converts the Cushman repop tillys to fit and work with whizzer. Hope what offered helped some, please post some pictures.