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Jul 1, 2008
Hi I am trying to get my 49 cc 4 stroke[goboyfast]
ready to run

I was wondering if anyone can tell me why I have two plastic lines[fuel] running from the bottom[sides] of my carburetor[the needle float assembly ] Does one run to fuel tank and the other run to other side of carb?

I also realized that there is no clutch adjustment with the drive train. Is there any way to dis engage the system if I want to ride without the motor ?

Thanks in advance Mitch:confused:


One tube is probably an overflow. No clutch adjustment? I think we may need pics or links to a pictorial discription of your kit.


Hi Mitch,

This link should answer your carb question.

The fuel line goes to the pipe which is sticking out below the clear hose on the right side of the carb. The BGF kits (4 stroke) all have centrifugal clutches. When the motor is idling or is off, the clutch is disengaged. In this condition, you will be spinning the gearbox when pedaling. If you have a derailler system (like 7 or more speeds) then the pedaling isn't too hard. Having a smaller rear sprocket (like 36T) also helps when pedaling. Some of the Grubee boxes also have a freewheel on the output sprocket which disengages the gearbox when coasting or pedaling. I believe the Grubees also have a disengager lever (similar to a clutch lever) which will isolate the gearbox from the output sprocket when depressed. As far as I know, BGF uses a JL Hoot gearbox. Start searching and learn a lot.:)

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