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  1. Jere814

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    I noticed that my bike wasn't engaging when I released the clutch. So I took the clutch cover off and noticed the the whole inside was covered what looks like oil. But how could there be oil in the clutch on a 2 Stroke? Can someone please help me

  2. MotorBicycleRacing

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    The seal under the 20 tooth bevel gear is blown so is leaking oil
    from the crankcase into your clutch area.

    Also check the seal on the other side under the magnet.
  3. Jere814

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    Are you able to tell me what I need to do to fix that? Or what parts I need. I'm a noob to allall of this it took me the first 4 months of the summto get the bike right in the first place.
  4. crassius

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    I would first use a screwdriver to pry up under the small bevel gear to see if the main bearing is bad - if the crankshaft can move up & down, then the seal cannot work

    if bearing is good, then I'd next clean the clutch and area around it well, and see if oil shows up again - if so, there is info on the board here for step by step replacement of seals

    note: when replacing, look well for cracks in the case and don't forget that a leaky carb or fuel line can drip fuel into that case too
  5. jaguar

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    use a jewelers screwdriver to pry out the seals
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    Well I took the clutch cover off. And I noticed got the oil or whatever it is that looks like oil is coming from the small gear underneath that's where it looks like it is leaking from. The gasket is super dark on that spot where it looks like you can take that wheel off with a flat head screwdriver if you know what I'm talking about. So where do I go from here please help me
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    I have no idea what I'm supposed to do. What do I need to buy to replace this?
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  9. crassius

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    if you didn't get a gear puller with your kit, you'll need one, but I'd still check the main on that side & clean & run it again to be sure that is where the problem is - if the main is bad, a seal will do no good
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    Is that the bigger one? Or the smaller one? And thank you for the link to the part I already ordered it. Will any gear puller work to get it off? And I did check it three times now. And it's not filled with oil as bad. But also ever since I noticed this when I'm running down the road when the engine warms up it seems like the clutch isn't kicked in all the way an I don't know if it's from the oil or what. And when I go full throttle it seems like it's over reving. Like if I kept ahold of the throttle it will blow up or something. Idk. Idk I hope it's just this gasket.
  11. crassius

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