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  1. Tonight I was riding and I hit a hole and my bike wouldon't move's a 60-80cc flying horse 2 stroke.the bike starts right up but it doesn't run high rpm's and it just dies.I have no clue as to what happened.I barely put 10 miles on the bike.please help

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    First, make sure you have a good spark plug (NGK!) and check your electrical connections. Most likely you have carburetion problems i.e. fuel mixture issues (wrong jet, poor fuel flow, too lean at start, too rich at WOT, choke set, etc.)
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    You should also check to see if the carb is on tight
  4. It starts then I go to engage the clutch lock button and the motor dies? it still doesn't Rev to high rpm's
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    Umm, this might sound stupid but sometimes air bubbles or something could be stuck in your carburetor. Try two things: first, take a heavy screwdriver and give the carburetor bowl a good 5 knocks and second, if that doesn't work try draining the carburetor of gas (small screw at bottom of carb bowl with red washer).
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    I'd make sure your fuel mixture is right... Your spark plug should look a little like this.... I like to run a tad rich for lubrication.... Gotta love peved off weed wacker motors lol

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  7. Now the engine runs great but it doesn't move in think something is wrong with the clutch.ever since I hit a pothole the bike just dies when I pull the clutch in to lock it.
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    Have you made sure that the clutch arm is ajusted tight enough?
  9. I only tightened the clutch you think it could be stalling because of the clutch arm
  10. It starts right up and revs but the bike doesnot move at just bucks like a horse and when I pull in the levery for it to idle it immediately dies
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    If it's not tight enough then yes, you should be able to take the clutch arm (thing that holds the clutch wire can't remember what it was called) loosen it up and push the clutch arm in until it's a tad heavy then tighten the clutch whatcha ma call it to the arm and it should fix your problem...

    Lol I want a chocolate bar as you can tell ;)
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    Check the idle speed and make sure it will idle
  13. It doesn't idle for long it starts and dies in 30's stalls as soon as I try to idle it with the clutch pin.the engine has maybe 5 miles on it
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    Huh... I've built about 10 of these things and idk what that could be other than it needs to be idled up a little but a expert would sure know more about it and my have experience that I don't I'd wait for one of their opinions... Check your spark plugs color to see if it is running to lean or too rich, it might be running rich when it starts but when it warms up it might be using less fuel so it kills it...
  15. Yeah the clutch arm is tight
  16. This is my first build.the bike was running great until I hit a buffalo new york pothole unfortunately
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    For MB's potholes really suck since your doing 30mph on a bicycle without suspension (for me anyways ;) ) really rough ride....
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    you hit a buffalo?
  19. I think I was only doing about 10 mph anyway as soon as that happen the engine just bogged down.
    I hit a pothole in buffalo
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    read the steps here to do a clutch adjust - when that's done properly and still not working, a problem may be found in one of your woodruff keys

    are you sure "bucking" is not due to loose motor mount?