helping newbies with builds is frustrating



in ocean park, people love the concept & i'm in the process of helping new buyers make good decisions on bicycle & engine.

one guy (yes, a younger fella) is so impatient...he has his dax, but failed to make 2 meetings with me to pick out a new bike. he asks me if i can put it on the "mountain bike around the corner i can get for $10" only get one guess what i told him.

but, while he's screwing around waiting, he goes out and buys a gas scooter...he comes roaring up to me at the grocers, weaving thru the parking lot traffic like the kid he is, then he wants to race me right in the center of town!

sheesh! i told him in no uncertain terms i won't have my motoredbike associated (by the local residents) with his toy in any way.

just had to have a lil morning rant, not cutting down scooters, just getting real frustrated by people who want my help, but won't use it properly.

thanks for listening, i feel a bit better :)
Students... like water or electricity,
take the path of least resistance.

If or when the hot-shot kid gets hurt, I would not want to be riding with him. Have a cup of mud and breath in some clean free air. :cool:
some people have more money than brains, its his loss Augi.when that scooter goes down he'll wish he had pedals to get him home :D

now you need to repo that dax motor from him :devilish:
:LOL: a local church bought it for him, as an "adult" way for the guy to travel to work, but i think he just took advantage of goodwill to acquire another "toy"...i suppose i could talk to the minister and maybe get a good price if the guy won't wise up.

pete, the air is not only free, it's really really clean here, too :)

as a navy veteran, i know all about mud, it's good & strong as always :devilish:

my first ship (1975) was the uss coral sea (WWII carrier) out of long beach, she was in dry-dock so she wasn't actually "out of" anywhere...liberty every night, we truly enjoyed the long beach auditorium, tons of great concerts back then. cherry beach was a major hotspot, we drag-raced our motorcycles there all the time 8)
Pissed me off when they tore down The Auditorium. Rainbow pier, ditchin' school and riding The Cyclone Racer @ 5 rides for a buck, letting sailors buy me corn dogs, 'n shooten' pool :D ...*sigh*. Those were good times.

I'm a Navy brat. Dad survived the USS San Francisco after its engagement off Cape Esperance in '42. Then survived the horror that the USS Franklin went through in '45. Shoot! I'm lucky to have been born.

I know your air is clean up there, that's why you run Freddy Fenders, hahaha! I'll buy a set to keep the grit and road dust off of me down here. We NEED rain, please send us some.

Good luck on aquioring that motor. :cool:
shoot, i can't believe i forgot about the pier!

all i gotta do is look at my ink...i got my only 2 tats down there :D
NOW I SAID HUSH!!!!!!!!!!! you guys make me want to move back to Belmount Shores :censored: