Her majesty gives 810 reasons not ride

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    It's happening now, be careful. A fellow rider fined $860 and another $810 2 days later. Uninsured and unregisterd. No warning-no caution, just an $800 slap in tha face for ya troubles. Police officer mentioned something about going 27 kms which is literally 2 kms above the "speed limit". They are slowly but surely cracking down here in Adelaide. My friend was the third person for that day to be taken and it was only midday. He was also a disqualified driver and the police officer says he's lucky to not get done for driving whilst disqualified aswell. Many people in this town use there bike for work. The government, in it's infinite wisdom, has decided to give tax breaks to people who "walk to work". How friggin' ridiculous is that! How many people do you know that live within a sane persons idea of a walking distance from there place of work??? Everyday we are being bombarded with greenhouse this and carbon footprint that when the humble bicycle ticks all the boxes when it comes to practicality, affordability and availability. Adding a small motor makes them even more attractive because then people might actually use the bloody thing. Is this a fight, we the people, can win ?

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    Fear of this kind of thing happening is why I'm now buying a motorbike. :icon_cry:

    Did they base the entire argument on the fact that the engine outputs more than 200W? Grrr
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    Did they base the entire argument on the fact that the engine outputs more than 200W? [/QUOTE]

    There was no argument. The coppa said "I've got paper work that says why these are illegal"

    I have been building these for a while and have sold a few over the last couple of years. Not until these last 2 weeks have I seen the crispy pale blue paper of an expiation notice.

    Some have fought it and had the fine reversed, some go to court and get it thrown out and others just pay and be done with it

    This issue is now coming to a head. I said to him to go to A Current affair to show the ruthless and cruel nature of our government towards it's citizens. The guy's got a leg brace and on a disibility pension for frig sakes. A financial burden of this kind for such a small thing as a 27km an hour motorised bicycle:toetap05:
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    Well that sucks. This is why I went to electric, far more stealth and easier to have legal.