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    A $25 wheel tax increase received a favorable nod on its first of two required passages from Carroll County commissioners at the May 11 County Legislative Body meeting. Incorrectly stated in an article about the upcoming meeting in the May 6 newspaper was the fact that the wheel tax would be increased by $30.

    The county is in need of additional revenue to fund new hires and pay increases for the Sheriff's Department due to the rewards from a lawsuit filed by the Department.

    The resolution, which has to be approved by a two-thirds majority vote (14) at two consecutive regular scheduled meetings, received only one dissenting vote, which was cast by T. Richard Goodwin.

    If passed at the June 9 meeting, the new rate will go into effect Aug. 1. Affected by the increase are motor driven vehicles, including motorcycles, motor-driven bicycles and scooters, but no type of farm equipment.

    this was taken from the local paper, i guess there have been too many motorized bicycles buzzing around town for the tax hounds to ignore. i guess the free ride is over here. the wheel tax will be $50.00
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    "motor driven" would include Hover Rounds and EZ-Chairs....that AARP crowd is a hornet's nest if you get them motorvated !!
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    i have 3 motorbikes, & 2 trucks, that's $250.00 in wheel tax. this comes at a time when the unemployment rate is 14.5 percent here. this county is also borrowing 15 million dollars to build a 1000 acre lake, that is supposed to boost the economics in the area.thats what the first 25 dollars of our wheel tax is for. after the lake is completed, the county will promptly raise property taxes as well. GOOD TIMES!